Lamello Cabineo X Starter Set

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Cabineo X is a connector for cabinets and shelves that can be used with all CNC machines. It can be pressed into place in the workshop or on site. Thanks to its open housing design, you can insert a Cabineo screw from the top and drill it into the counterpart with a hexagon bit.

Cabineo X is essentially a Cabineo Connector without a screw. You snap the X connector into the routed shape and install it with whichever bolt the application calls for (8 mm, 12 mm, or shelf pin options). It allows for "loose" assembly of components by resting shelves or tops onto bolts/screws/pins installed into cabinets or closet uprights and then tightening them into place. 

Ideal to use when installing shelves into already-joined cabinets or when assembling corner joints. Combined with shelf supports, Cabineo X prevents shelves from being pulled out. The X offers excellent functionality in closets or other applications with adjustable shelves, as it will allow the shelf to be snapped securely down into place and still be removeable.

Aesthetic Cover Caps are available separately in 12 solid and metallic colors to make Cabineo blend into your project or to match aluminum or stainless steel fittings.

  • No edge drilling: For use with CNCs without edge drilling
  • Locked shelf: Secured against pulling out and lifting off
  • Multifunctional housing: Same housing for connectors and adjustable shelves
  • Simplified assembly: Laying cabinet covers and shelves in place enables flexible and easy installation
  • Various materials: Counter thread can be directly cut into the material
  • (80) Cabineo X Connectors (white)
  • (40) Cabineo 12 screws
  • (20) Cabineo 8 screws
  • (20) Cabineo 8 M6 screws
  • (20) Cabineo shelf supports (3 mm)
  • (20) Cabineo shelf supports (5 mm)
  • (40) Cover caps (Signal White color)
  • Cabineo hexagon bit
  • Cabineo X screw-in aid

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