Laguna PX|12 Benchtop Planer (Refurbished)

$ 449

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The Laguna PX|12 Planer features an improved QuadTec II Planer Head and is loaded with premium features to make woodworking safer and more enjoyable.

The QuadTec II delivers what woodworkers want most in a compact package by providing a quiet, long-lasting performance with its 26 carbide inserts. The carbide inserts last longer than traditional planer knives and are 4 sided to provide a fresh cutting edge when rotated. The QuadTec II is a game changer when planing tricky grain in hardwoods.

The inserts are solid carbide (14 x 14 x 2 mm) so they can be rotated 4x to extend the already longer life compared to HSS. The inserts are mounted on a straight line requiring less machining thus saving cost. The QuadTec: II is also quieter than conventional straight knives. Each insert is indexed requiring no jig when rotating or replacing.

The 2hp motor provides plenty of power for this Best-in-Class benchtop planer. The motor spins the cutterhead at 10,000 RPM to provide the smoothest possible finish. The pull-out extensions and flip-down extensions make it easier to feed stock through the machine.

Note: This is a refurbished machine.

  • Upgraded Quadtec II Planer Head
  • Long-lasting carbide inserts are 4-sided to provide fresh cutting edge when rotated
  • Powerful 2hp motor

Motor: 115v 2HP Universal 50/60hz/15 Amp.
Circuit Requirement: 20 Amp.
CSA: Yes
Bed Size: 12-1/2" x 10-1/4"
Pull-Out Extension: 11-1/4" Flip Down Extensions x 2
Max. Depth of cut: 3/32"
Max. Stock Thickness: 6"
Min. Stock Thickness: 5/32"
Min. Stock Length: 10"
Max. Stock Width: 12-1/2"
Feed Speed: 26 FPM
Dust Port Diameter: 4" step down to 2-1/2"
Cutterhead RPM: 10,000
Cutterhead Diameter: 1-7/8"
Cutterhead Insert #: 26 x 4-sided Carbide, 4 Row
Thickness Readout: Hair line Readout
Dimensions set up approx.: 24" x 34"
Dimensions Shipping: 25" x 17" x 21-1/2"
Net weight: 65 lbs.



Customer Reviews

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Norman Holcomb
Smooth as silk

This is an outstanding planer for the small shop !!! It is compact but produces the smoothest finish I have ever seen . The cutting head is outstanding ,the shavings are easily removed and the 2 hp motor is more than enough power. I have replaced to many blades on my old planer due to nicks etc. really looking forward to my next project!