Laguna P|Flux: 2 Cyclone Dust Collector

$ 3,599

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Laguna's P|Flux dust collectors add even more features for improved filtration and ease of use. All P|Flux models now include an auto-cleaning feature which conveniently activates every 10 minutes or when activated by the remote control. All P|Flux models also include a bright LED light and audio warning when the drum is full so you never have to worry about accidentally overfilling it. 

  • The L-shaped dual mount motor bracket reduces vibration with the oversized vertical bracket
  • One piece main plenum allows direct airflow which helps reduce resistance
  • Radial Steel Fan is balanced to ISO 1940 standards
  • Splitter inlet & sealed cap is made of rubber, not hard plastic
  • Updated filter design has a much larger surface area
  • Lift system eliminates flex hose and creates a better seal with the drum lid
  • High-quality swiveling casters included with 2 locking casters on the main base
  • Dual paddles provides twice the cleaning 

How the cyclone works:

Fast-moving particles move in a cyclonic swirl to create a stronger CFM while larger and heavier particles slow down when meeting the crossbar and settle in the drum. Finer dust gets carried with the airstream up through the center vane. Only fine dust passes through the fan (unlike the single stage design where all dust passes through the fan). Single piece plenum creates minimum resistance while carrying the airflow into the canister. Particles are filtered by the HEPA or 1 micron canister. This superior cyclonic separation provides extended filter life.


Motor Specs: 2 HP
Electrical Specs: 220V / 60Hz / 1PH / 3450 RPM
Running AMP: (6” inlet) 14A at 220V
Air Volume: 1166 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
Max. static pressure: 9.3 Inches of water
Fan size: 14.5”
Inlet: Ø6” (Ø 8” BY Ø 6” PORT) OR (Ø 8” BY Ø 4” X 2 PORTS)
Switch: High frequency remote control switch
Collection capacity: 46-gallon Octagon drum
Filtering area: 102 sq/ft (9.5 M2)
Cartridge Filter: Black HEPA 15.74” x 35.43” (Ø40 x 90cm) x 1pc
Machine weight: 362 lbs. (164 kgs)
Shipping weight: 430 lbs. (195 kgs)


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