Laguna 20" Flex Spine LED Light

$ 99

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The new SpineLock LED lamp with 80 CRI are optimized for the best possible lighting. With the Led benefits of long life, low power consumption, and low heat emission; this makes the Laguna LED line the best machine lamp available.


  • A flexible spine that locks in place
  • Polyamide Impact Resistant Head
  • Compatible with Every Machine
  • Low Heat & Energy Consumption

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Laguna 20" Flex Spine LED Light >> Excellent!

Wasn't sure I should spend as much money as I did on a light. I mounted the Laguna on my drill press. The drill press has a built in work light, but sometimes visibility isn't as good as I'd like. The Laguna from a distable of about 18" really lights up the work area! Seeing small detail is no longer a problem.

How the lamp mounts to is not clearly stated. The base has a mounting hole on each of its four corners. Drill holes in the surface to which you want to mount it and use fasteners to permanently attach the light.

Philip Ellis
Bolts up to 1412 bandsaw

The light has the right bolt pattern for the 1412 bandsaw, and is in a more useful position than the Laguna work light that is usually recommended for this saw. It is also $50 cheaper and takes an LED bulb. The screws that are provided are not useable, as the holes in the saw are not threaded, but it’s not much of a problem. I used 8-32x 3/4 round head screws and nylon insert nuts from the local hardware store. Pick up some self-adhesive cable clips while you’re there…they aren’t included either.