Laguna JX|8 QuadTec: II Jointer

$ 2,599

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The Laguna JX|8 QuadTec II is loaded with highly desirable features to make jointing safer and more enjoyable. The JX|8 is available in 2 versions. This is the 110 Volt 1.75 HP version.

The QuadTec II cuttherhead comes as standard equipment on the JX-8 QuadTec II jointer. The QuadTec II produces an amazing surface finish on all woods including difficult hardwoods. The QuadTec II uses 4-sided carbide insert knives that are quieter and much more durable compared to straight HSS knives. The 4-sided knives can be rotated for a new cutting edge without the need for a knife setting jig.

  • Parallelogram Table Adjustments - Table depth adjustments travel along an arc to keep the same distance to the cutterhead through its travel
  • Emergency “Knee-Stop” - The knee stop uses a body-length bar at knee height to shut off the JX jointer. This important safety feature allows the machine operator to stop the machine quickly at any position along the front of the machine while keeping hands on the workpiece
  • Ergonomic Machine Body - The JX Series machine body has been redesigned with a “toe-kick” to allow the user to position themself closer to the machine tables and to move safer and easier along the length of the machine
  • In-feed Support Roller - Infeed tables are now fitted with pull-out support roller to help support longer materials
  • Built-In Wheels - No need to purchase a separate mobility kit
  • Cast-Iron Tables and Fence

Motor: 110v 1.75HP 1phase 60hz/15 Amp.
CSA: Yes
Bed Size: 8" x 72"
Infeed Table Pull-out Extension: 8"
Rabbeting Capacity: 1/2"
Fence Size: 38" x 4-3/4" Cast Iron
Fence Tilt: ±45/90°
Max. Depth of Cut: 1/8"
Table height from floor: 31"
Safety bar shut-off: Yes
Wheels built-in: Yes
Bracket to mount light: No
110v outlet for light: No
Bracket to mount Feeder: No
Dust Port Diameter: 4"
Cutterhead Insert: # 20 x 4-sided Carbide, 4 Row
Cutterhead: 5,500 RPM
Cutterhead Diameter: 3-1/8"
Bed Adjustment: Parallelogram
Dimensions set up approx.: 75-1/2" x 26-1/2"

SKU: MJ8x72E-0130

Customer Reviews

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Jacob S
Why buy any other brand? Laguna rules

I chose this specific jointer because I wanted an 8" and didn't have 220 in my shop. I have their portable dust collector and trust the brand. I had to adjust the infeed table as it was slightly off parallel but after an hour or so of tweaking, it is absolutely perfect and shouldn't ever shift. My only complaint is that there are absolutely no instructions on how to do this adjustment. Had to watch a bunch of Youtube videos of other brands and eventually found the adjustments on my own. But I'm very impressed with the quality and efficiency of the tool and especially how quiet it is. Their bandsaw is next on my list!

Steven Goforth
Buy this tool

Beautiful industrial design, clean cuts and plenty of power. Plenty of machine with out having to pay to re-wire the shop