JLT 16" Rail & Post Clamping System With 36, 3-1/2" High Jaw 40" Clamps

$ 10,950

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JLT Clamping System for the custom woodworker who produces 16′ railing, long posts, and face glue solid wood components up to 6″ thick. Produce 84+ edge glued panels per day with a standard setup.

These clamps feature Rocker Plate Adapters, which are designed to affix to the front and rear jaw plate on the Taylor Clamp and raise the overall height of the jaw to 6” high. This eliminates the need to put clamps on top. Engineered to pivot on the clamp, which provides equal clamping pressure throughout the wood component for a stronger higher quality glue joint. Creates an easier simpler way to glue up thick stock components.

JLT Clamp arms are built to last. With minimal maintenance and strong steel construction, these clamps can last a lifetime. Mounting Plates on the back of the clamps allow for quick and easy attaching of the clamps onto the clamp rack. Easily slide the clamps left to right to create a desired setup.

Each clamp can achieve up to 3,000 lbs. of clamping force. The patented Equalizer Design provides equal clamping from the front and rear jaws, resulting in a higher quality panel. An innovative space-saving feature allows the clamps to be hung vertically when not in use.

JLT clamps are guaranteed to never twist, bow, or bend - covered by their 3 Year Warranty.

  • 5 total gluing levels
  • Vertical clamp hanger feature
  • Taylor’s patented and successful Clamp Arm Design
  • Versatility to edge glue or face glue hundreds of woodworking components
  • Produce 84+ edge glued panels per day
  • 100% steel tubular construction

Max capacity (L x W): 192" x 40"
Machine footprint (L x H x W): 196" x 70" x 48"

  • (36) 3-1/2″ High Jaw 40″ opening clamps (52" available upon request)
  • (72) Rocker Adapter Plates

SKU: #79F-16-PC