JLT 12' Panel Clamp with 30, 3-1/2" High Jaw 40" Long Clamps

$ 8,575

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Edge glue a wide variety of solid wood components with JLT’s Most Popular Panel Clamp Model. Produce up to 72 edge glued panels per day.

  • (30) Taylor Clamps Arranged on up to (5) Total Gluing Levels
  • Versatility to Edge Glue Hundreds of Woodworking Components

JLT Clamp arms are built to last. With minimal maintenance and strong steel construction, these clamps can last a lifetime. Mounting Plates on the back of the clamps allow for quick and easy attaching of the clamps onto the clamp rack. Easily slide the clamps left to right to create a desired setup.

Each clamp can achieve up to 3,000 lbs. of clamping force. The patented Equalizer Design provides equal clamping from the front and rear jaws, resulting in a higher quality panel. An innovative space-saving feature allows the clamps to be hung vertically when not in use.

JLT clamps are guaranteed to never twist, bow, or bend - covered by their 3 Year Warranty.

  • (5) total gluing levels
  • Edge glue a variety of solid wood components
  • Vertical clamp hanger feature
  • 100% steel tubular construction
  • Produce up to 72 edge glued panels per day

Max. capacity (L x W): 144" x 40"
Machine footprint (L x H x W):
 148″ x  70″ x 48″

  • (30) 3-1/2″ High Jaw 40″ opening clamps (52" clamps available upon request)

SKU: #79F-12-PC