JET JJ-6CSDX 6" Deluxe Jointer w/ Quick-Set Knives 1hp, 1PH, 115/230V

$ 1,399.99

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The JET JJ-6CSDX (#708457DXK) & JJ-6HHDX (#708466DXK) 6” Jointers are identical in design and construction with the major exception being the cutterheads. The JJ-6CSDX comes with a three-knife cutterhead, while the JJ-6HHDX is equipped with a helical cutterhead with 27 carbide inserts.

The JET 6" Long Bed Jointer offers one of the longest working surfaces in its' class. With the addition of an exclusive auto-set quick change knife system, you can replace or change all three blades in a fraction of the time other machines take. Make the JET 6" Long Bed Jointer the next high-performance machine for your shop.

The JJ-6CSDX comes with an all steel enclosed base cabinet. An integral tab at each end of the cabinet bottom makes securing the jointer to the floor easy when a suitable surface is available. This cabinet provides a stable platform and puts the table surface at a comfortable 31-1/4” above the floor.

The base cabinet also houses the 1hp, 1 phase 115/230V TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motors (pre-wired 115V) and wiring to help isolate those components from the dust-prone jointer environment. A large door on the rear of the base cabinet provides easy access to the motor should that be needed in the future. The 1hp motor spins the JET JJ-6CSDX cutterhead at a very consistent 6000 RPM for a good balance between speedy material removal and a silky-smooth surface on the wood.

Also in the base cabinet is the dust chute that runs from under the cutterhead down to the cabinet side. A 4”-diameter port makes attaching your dust collector easy and adapter free. The angle of the dust chute makes it very efficient at evacuating the debris from beneath the cutterhead. The JET JJ-6CSDX version has an industrial style push button switch set mounted in the base cabinet within easy reach of the operator.

The JET JJ-6CSDX Jointer features a long, cast iron table with a smooth, flat precision-machined finish that keeps the wood sliding predictably while ensuring accuracy. At 55-3/4 x 7-3/8” this table makes straightening large project pieces accurate and reliable. The overall cut capacity of 6 1/16”-wide by ½”-deep provides plenty of capacity for the most active of home wood shops. The outfeed table even has built-in ½” rabbeting ledges that add a little more versatility to the JET JJ-6CSDX.

Both the infeed and outfeed tables feature exclusive front-mounted handwheels that make table height changes easy and accurate. The infeed table has a full ½” range of motion and features an easy-to-read scale that makes setting the exact cut depth you want simple. An automatic limiter on the JJ-6CSDX prevents accidentally taking overly aggressive cuts more than ⅛” deep. The depth limiter can be manually overridden easily, but it requires the operator to intentionally release it.

The JET JJ-6CSDX jointer uses a precision-machined steel cutterhead fitted with three highquality 6 1/6”-long by ¾”-tall and 5/64”- thick knives. These knives have two cutting edges that effectively double their life.

The knives are aligned using JET’S exclusive auto quick-set system that makes the critical knife height setting a simple and infrequent task. A pair of cams at each knife actually adjusts the knife height. Once set, the cams are locked in position and the knives can be reversed or replaced without having to reset the height and eliminates the need for a knife setting gauge. Precision-machined pockets in the knives let you slip them onto the cams and the setting is retained. The openings in the knives are wide enough that individual knives can be offset to compensate for a nick, further extending the life of each knife edge.

This jointer comes with a versatile 32 5/8”-long by 3-7/8”-tall cast iron fence system that tilts to 45-degrees in and out to handle all of your bevel needs. Changing fence bevel angle or position on the table is tool free. All fence controls are located near the center to keep them in easy reach of the operator.

Fully adjustable stops are provided at 90° and both 45° settings. The 90° stop features a flip-out bar that provides instant access to the 45° bevel capability away from the operator. It also makes returning to the 90° setting just as quick. The fence has a composite insert on the bottom edge that lets it slide smoothly across the table surface for easy adjustments. This insert also prevents the fence from scratching the table surface.

JET warrants every product they sell against manufacturers’ defects. All JET Woodworking Machinery carry a 5-Year Warranty from date of purchase. Woodworking products with a 5-Year Warranty that are used for commercial or industrial purposes default to a 2-Year Warranty. Warranties are subject to JET's terms and conditions.

  • Built-in rabbeting ledge adds versatility
  • Center fence controls are conveniently mounted to allow quick adjustments
  • Exclusive front-mounted table adjustment handwheels make quick, easy, and accurate corrections
  • Extra-long heavy-duty cast iron infeed and outfeed tables with precision machined finish
  • Heavy-duty cast iron infeed and outfeed tables with precision machined finish
  • Heavy-duty, one-piece steel closed stand includes mounting tabs for increased stability
  • Industrial push-button controls are conveniently placed for easy access
  • Powerful 1HP motor easily handles the toughest jointing tasks
  • Two-way tilting fence with positive stops at 45° and 90° to handle bevel operations

Cutterhead Speed: 6,000 RPM
Dust Collection Minimum CFM Required: 350 CFM
Dust Port Outside Diameter: 4"
Motor Amps: 13/6.5
Motor Power: 1hp
Number of Knives: 3
Prewired Voltage: 115V
Rabbeting Capacity: 1/2"
Table Height from Floor: 31-1/4"
Table Size (L x W): 56" x 7-3/8"

SKU: 708457dxk