JET JWS-35X3-1 Shaper 3hp, 1PH, 230V

$ 3,599.99

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The JET JWS-35X Heavy-Duty Shaper brings the accuracy, durability, and power to handle tough jobs with the versatility you need. High quality materials and construction along with a user-friendly array of features makes the JET JWS-35X Heavy-Duty Shaper a high value addition to any shop.

The high power and large spindle capacity make the JET JWS-35X Heavy-Duty Shaper compatible with a huge number of cutters to handle many jobs, including the larger ones. The growing number of shaper cutter profiles available means the versatility of the JET JWS-35X Heavy-Duty Shaper will continually grow.

The JET JWS-35X Heavy-Duty Shaper features a spacious 26-3/4” by 32-1-4” precision ground cast iron table. Pre-drilled and tapped holes on the rear table corners are ready to mount most power feeders on either side of the cutter. The table also has a full-sized 3/4” by 3/8” T-shaped miter slot that accepts the full-featured miter gauge included with the JET JWS-35X Heavy-Duty Shaper. This standard sized slot also accepts common aftermarket tooling and shop-made jigs.

The table has a 7-1/4”-diameter opening for compatibility with the largest of cutter sizes. We also include inserts to reduce the table opening to 4 7/8” and 2 5/8”. Mounted on the all steel base cabinet, the table surface is a comfortable 33 ¼” above the floor. A heavy-duty, screw-in starting pin is also included and threads into holes on to the left and right of the cutter to help make many hand operations safer.

The large, solid fence system with fully adjustable 4” tall by 16” long left and right face halves gives you the stability and control for precision work. The fence faces are infinitely adjustable left and right on their mounts and each secured with a single finger-operated knob. Both extruded aluminum faces have grooves in them that make attaching wooden faces or specialty shop-made jigs easy and secure. A pair of featherboards is included that also fit in the fence slots.

The left fence half has a micro adjuster (front to back) for setting up ultra precise jointing operations. A gauge at its adjusting knob helps set the precise amount of offset desired for your jointing operation. At the center of the fence system is a heavy duty, cast iron housing that contributes to the remarkable stability of this system. At the rear of that housing is a 4” diameter dust collection port. Tabs within the port help break up the large clusters of debris shaper cutters are capable of generating. When connected to a dust collector (400CFM minimum capacity) the dust system helps keep the work area clear and the bits cutting freely.

The center of the fence housing is covered with fully adjustable safety shields that helps keep you safer while enhancing chip collection regardless of the cutter shape or diameter. The forward shield is clear to afford the best view of the cutter and wood while making cuts. 

A heavy-duty magnetic On/Off switch controls the JET JWS-35X Heavy-Duty Shaper. The switch box is equipped with a magnetic “key” that when removed prevents unauthorized startups. The magnetic switch protects the JET JWS-35X Heavy-Duty Shaper from power fluctuations that could damage the motor. It also prevents the motor from restarting should the power go out and then come back on unexpectedly. The motor/cutter rotation can be reversed using a switch on the front of the JET JWS-35X Heavy-Duty Shaper cabinet for different cutters and special setups.

The JET JWS-35X Heavy-Duty Shaper has four spindle speeds: 4000, 6000, 8000 and 10,000RPM. The speeds are generated by a set of precisely machined stepped pulleys on the motor and spindle shaft. The JET JWS-35X Heavy-Duty Shaper connects the pulleys with a Poly-V-belt, known for smooth power transmission, resistance to slipping and low heat buildup.

The JET JWS-35X Heavy-Duty Shaper comes with a 1-1/4” diameter, 4” tall (under the nut) spindle. The spindle is equipped with a full set of spacers so it can secure shaper cutters of virtually any thickness. The spindle mounts into a large, self-centering tapered seat and is locked in place by a large captured nut and a heavy steel drawbar for security. 

The spindle has a full 4” vertical travel to accommodate large and small cutters as well as using a portion of a cutters profile. An 8” diameter cast iron handwheel on the front of the base cabinet makes height changes easy and accurate. A large, easy to read scale on the cabinet next to the handwheel quantifies those changes as they are made.

The heavy cast iron mechanism below the table supports the spindle and motor assemblies. The bulk of this cast iron assembly helps prevent vibration while contributing to the overall stability of the spindle and cutter. The elevation mechanism has a set of gibb screws that let the user compensate for wear that might occur in years to come.

JET warrants every product they sell against manufacturers’ defects. All JET Woodworking Machinery carry a 5-Year Warranty from date of purchase. Woodworking products with a 5-Year Warranty that are used for commercial or industrial purposes default to a 2-Year Warranty. Warranties are subject to JET's terms and conditions.

Make your Shaper mobile with the JMB-UMB-HD Universal Mobile Base.

  • 4" Dust port built into fence for convenient hookup to any dust collection system
  • Extra-large chrome handwheel is conveniently located for fast, easy, and accurate spindle height adjustments
  • Extruded aluminum fence comes with T-Slots and 2 feather board hold-downs
  • Four RPM speeds (4000, 6000, 8000, 10000) let you select the best speed and torque for different cutter diameters
  • Large 26-3/4” x 32-1/4” precision-ground cast iron table provides a durable work area and is predrilled for power feeder
  • Poly-V-belt transfers maximum power to the spindle
  • Powerful 3HP, 1Ph motor with magnetic controls
  • Reversible spindle speeds for diverse shaping jobs
  • Starting Pins for irregular shaping
  • V-belt transfers maximum power to the spindle

Dust Collection Minimum CFM Required: 600 CFM
Dust Port Outside Diameter: 4"
Maximum Spindle Diameter: 1-1/4"
Motor Amps: 14
Motor Power (HP): 3
Motor Voltage (V.): 230
Prewired Voltage (V.): 230
Spindle Size Under Nut: 4"
Spindle Travel: 4"
Table Height from Floor: 33-1/4"
Table Inserts: 2
Table Opening Diameter: 6-19/64"
Table Size (L x W): 32-1/4" x 26-3/4"

SKU: JT9-708323