JET JWS-10 10" Variable-Speed Wet Sharpening System 1PH, 120V

$ 429.99

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JET offers woodworkers advanced sharpening features like torque adjustment for consistent pressure to the drive shaft, variable dial speed control that maintains outer wheel speed regardless of sharpening wheel diameter, and an oversized reservoir for better water management.

The JET Variable Speed Wet Sharpener provides a storage drawer for additional jigs. Included with the Variable Speed Wet Sharpener is a 220-grit 10-inch aluminum oxide grinding wheel, leather strop wheel, support arm, stone grader, straight edge jig, leather honing compound, angle measuring device, and chisel angle jig.

Optional Accessories Sold Separately:

  • 3 Piece Blade Jig Set: Includes 1 knife jig, 1 scissors jig, and 1 axe jig to help keep a variety of tools sharp.
  • Diamond Truing Tool: Resets the grinding wheel to its optimal state.
  • Long Knife Jig: Allows you to sharpen cutlery and longer blades with sturdy support.
  • Profiled Leather Honing Wheel: Ideal for honing and polishing V-tools, turning gouges, and other hard to reach areas. Can also be used to remove burrs and sharpen to a fine razor edge.

  • Aluminum oxide grinding wheel is 10 inches in diameter and a 2-inch surface for increased capacity
  • Built-in drawer offers convenient jig storage
  • Compliments our market leading Jet Lathes
  • Deep well trough reduces splash while keeping the stone cool
  • Enclosed motor housing keeps debris and water from entering the machine
  • Leather strop removes burrs and leaves tools refined to a polished razor edge
  • Perfect for wood turning chisels, knives and hand carving tools
  • Variable speed (90-150 RPM) allows for precise applications
  • Water cooled stone grinding wheel prevents tools from overheating

Motor Voltage: 120V
Prewired Voltage: 120V
Style: Bench Top
Weight: 22.5 lbs.
Wheel Diameter: 10"
Wheel Grit: 220
Wheel Speed: Variable 90-150 RPM
Overall Dimensions: 16" x 12" x 13"

  • 220 grit 10" aluminum oxide grinding wheel
  • Leather strop wheel
  • Support arm
  • Stone grader
  • Straight edge jig
  • Leather honing compound
  • Angle measuring device
  • Chisel angle jig

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