JET JSG-96CS Combination Belt/Disc Sander

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The versatile JET JSG-96 Belt/Disc Sander makes sanding tasks easier, faster, and more accurate. When paired with a dust collector, sanding with the JSG-96 also leaves your shop much cleaner.

The JET JSG-96 Belt/Disc Sander is built around a powerful 3/4hp, 110V, TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor, mounted in a heavy-duty base. That base also supports the 9”-diameter disc and 6”-wide by 48”-long belt systems to create a solid and very stable unit. A flip type switch with a removable safety key controls the sander. It features sealed, permanently lubricated ball bearings at all major friction points, which reduces maintenance and ensures a long life.

Incorporated into the JSG-96 is an effective dust collection system within the base that evacuates debris from both the disc and belt through specially designed shrouds that maximize its effectiveness. Tool-free gates allow the user to focus the air suction at the belt or disc individually to maximize the effectiveness of your dust collector. A 4”-diameter port on the rear of the JET JSG-96 Belt/Disc Sander base allows connecting your dust collector hose without an adapter and keeps the hose out of the way.

The 9”-diameter disc spins at 1,725 RPM (no load) and accepts adhesive-backed disks. The heavy-duty disc plate is machined flat for super-smooth sanding and is designed to resist warping or deflection under all normal sanding conditions. A hinged door covers the lower portion of the sanding disc for safety and to enhance dust collection. Opening the door provides easy access to the complete disc for replacement of the abrasive.

The cast iron sanding disc table is 10”-wide by 12”-long and has lots of surface area to help support large work pieces. The table also features a unique curved shape that makes it easy to use in a wide range of sanding operations. The table is fully adjustable and tilts up to 45-degrees. A handy scale under the table shows the current amount of tilt and makes setting specific angles fast and easy.

A uniquely designed center point also comes with the JET JSG-96 Belt/Disc Sander and makes sanding perfectly sized circles very easy. A pointed centering pin is built into a t-shaped carrier that fits the miter slots in the cast iron table. Adjust the center point distance to the abrasive as needed and lock it in place by turning the set screws.

The 6” by 48”-long sanding belt runs at 2,258 SFPM (surface feet per minute) and offers plenty of surface to handle the big jobs. Its overall size allows the user to distribute wear over a larger area to substantially increase abrasive life. The belt runs on high-quality rollers, mounted in a fully adjustable arm for maximum versatility. A rubber coated drive drum helps to maintain belt speed. The belt arm can be adjusted to any desired angle from vertical to horizontal. An adjustable stop is built in that makes changing the belt to the horizontal position quick and consistent.

A 5-1/2”-wide by 11”-long table mounts directly to the belt arm so it maintains its relative position to the belt surface when the arm angle is changed. This can be especially handy when sanding the long side of a piece and having the belt in its horizontal position makes that operation more comfortable and safer. The table can be tilted up to 45° and has a miter groove that runs its full length.

To make the belt even more versatile, JET includes a mount for the disc table so that it can be used at the belt (the belt table must be removed) as well. This is particularly useful when using the center point device or sanding an odd-shaped workpiece.

  • Built-in handles for easier portability
  • Drive drum is rubber-coated for a better grip on the sanding belt resulting in less slippage
  • Exclusive dual thumbscrew belt tracking adjustment locks to keep belt on track during use
  • Graphite covered steel platen runs cooler increasing machine and belt life
  • Integrated locking wheels for easy mobility
  • Large cast iron table has preset stops at 90° and 45° to let you use the belt sander vertically, horizontally or anywhere in between
  • One-piece formed steel heavy-duty closed stand provides additional support and additional storage for abrasives
  • Single 4" dust port on the back of the base collects dust effectively from both the belt and disc
  • Specially designed belt guard allows full use of the 6" belt width and length
  • Tracking adjustment knob with quick-lock handle keeps belt on track during use

Belt Table Tilt: 10° Up, 45° Down
Disc Diameter: 9"
Dust Port Outside Diameter: 4"
Motor Amps: 11
Motor Power: 3/4hp
Style: Closed Stand

SKU: 708597K