JET AFS-850 Mobile Air Filtration System

$ 699.99

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Say goodbye to dusty air. JET’s AFS-850 Mobile Air Filtration allows for filtering dust in a closer proximity to where dust is being created increasing the likelihood of filtering harmful particulates out of the air before they reach your lungs. The AFS-850 comes with a MERV 15 filter, providing the efficient removal of dust particulates size range of .3 to 10 microns.

Replacement filters:

  • Airflow: Optimized impeller design provides efficient and quiet airflow
  • Auto dust particle sensor: Intelligent particulate sensor ramps the motor up and down to balance air quality, power, and sound
  • MERV 15 filter: Cylindrical filter provides large filtration surface area vs. traditional filter
  • Mobility: Durable, lightweight, and designed to be used where you are working
  • 1/5hp brushless DC motor: Provides longer motor life and less wear components

Motor power: 1/5hp
Motor phase: 3-phase
Voltage: 120V input, single phase only
Frequency: 60Hz
Full load amps: 2.5
Motor speed range: 1,500-2,500 RPM
Timer setting: 1 ~ 16 hours in 1 hour increments (LED display)
Pre-filter: PE mesh, washable
Canister filter: 1 Micron @ 98%
Power cable length: 15 ft.
Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 19.1" x 19.1" x 36.6"
Net weight: 32 lbs.

SKU: JT1-229

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