JET AFS-850 Mobile Air Filtration System

$ 699.99

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Say goodbye to dusty air. JET’s AFS-850 Mobile Air Filtration allows for filtering dust in a closer proximity to where dust is being created increasing the likelihood of filtering harmful particulates out of the air before they reach your lungs. The AFS-850 comes with a MERV 15 filter, providing the efficient removal of dust particulates size range of .3 to 10 microns.

JET warrants every product they sell against manufacturers’ defects. All JET Woodworking Machinery carry a 5-Year Warranty from date of purchase. Woodworking products with a 5-Year Warranty that are used for commercial or industrial purposes default to a 2-Year Warranty. Warranties are subject to JET's terms and conditions.

Replacement filters:

  • Airflow: Optimized impeller design provides efficient and quiet airflow
  • Auto dust particle sensor: Intelligent particulate sensor ramps the motor up and down to balance air quality, power, and sound
  • MERV 15 filter: Cylindrical filter provides large filtration surface area vs. traditional filter
  • Mobility: Durable, lightweight, and designed to be used where you are working
  • 1/5hp brushless DC motor: Provides longer motor life and less wear components

Motor power: 1/5hp
Motor phase: 3-phase
Voltage: 120V input, single phase only
Frequency: 60Hz
Full load amps: 2.5
Motor speed range: 1,500-2,500 RPM
Timer setting: 1 ~ 16 hours in 1 hour increments (LED display)
Pre-filter: PE mesh, washable
Canister filter: 1 Micron @ 98%
Power cable length: 15 ft.
Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 19.1" x 19.1" x 36.6"
Net weight: 32 lbs.

SKU: JT1-229

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