HTC SG-1 Double Cut Pointed Tree Style Carbide Burr 1/4" SH, 1/4" D, 5/8" CL

$ 6.90

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For use with 1/4" chuck die grinders.

This double cut burr is ideal for ferrous and non ferrous metals, as well as soft steel, plastics, hard wood, and ceramic. Double cut is the most popular burr in ferrous applications. The flute features cuts on the left and right spirals, which produces smaller chips and slivers, leading to a finer finish on material. The double cut offers much smoother operation and tool control.

Use this pointed tree style bit to make concave cuts and sharp angles. The pointed ends help grind areas that are otherwise difficult to reach.

Helpful application tips:

  • Insert shank as far as possible into the chuck - this will help prevent whipping or chatter.
  • Use just enough pressure to keep the burr cutting; excessive pressure will slow spindle speed and damage the cutting edge.
  • Keep the burr moving at all times to prevent it from digging into the work.
  • Do not run burr beyond point of normal resharpening; the heat and pressure will cause excessive chipping of the cutting edge.


Shank dia.: 1/4"
Flute dia.: 1/4"
Length of cut: 5/8"
Overall length: 2"