MicroJig GRR-RIPPER Gravity Heel

$ 15

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The GRR-RIPPER Gravity Heel Accessory offers a fully adjustable heel with auto-retracting technology, enhancing control and stability during routing, bandsaw, and table saw operations while minimizing blowout and tear-out. Ideal for use with long or short stock, the Gravity Heel ensures smoother, safer, and more precise cuts.

Fits any existing GRR-RIPPER. Mounting Hardware included.

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  • GRR-RIPPER Gravity Heel Accessory is a fully adjustable heel with auto-retracting technology for reducing blowout
  • Router Table: Gravity Heels provide a secure backing to routing operations to prevent blow out. It can also be used as a template for repeat routing
  • Bandsaw: Smoother, safer and more controlled cuts on the bandsaw will be second nature with the adjustability of the Gravity Heel
  • Table Saw: Virtually eliminate tear out and increase control and stability when feeding long or short stock
  • The Gravity Heels are exceptional with long stock; they grab the tail end of your board and automatically retract mid-board
  • (5) Gravity Heels
  • Mounting Hardware