MicroJig GRR-RIPPER Gravity Heel Kit

$ 15

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The Gravity Heel is a fully adjustable heel with auto-retracting technology that provides superior pushing power, hooks the tail end of your workpiece, and automatically retracts mid-board. The unique design provides extra leverage to help push through the cut and prevent blowout.

The specially formulated plastic material allows the heels to be cut, providing support to prevent tearout at the end of the cut. This is especially helpful on router tables when using an aggressive router bit. The profile of the bit gets routed into the heel, fully supporting the material from the back and allowing for repeat cuts.

Kit includes 5 Heels, 2 Heel Spacers, and mounting hardware. Adjustable from 0-1”. Ideal for routing, jointer, band saw, and table saw applications. Fits any existing GRR-RIPPER. Mounting hardware included.

Need replacement Heels? Find them here.

  • GRR-RIPPER Gravity Heel Accessory is a fully adjustable heel with auto-retracting technology for reducing blowout
  • Router Table: Gravity Heels provide a secure backing to routing operations to prevent blow out. It can also be used as a template for repeat routing
  • Jointer: Perfect for use with long stock on jointers. The Gravity Heel is there when you need it and gets out of the way when you don’t
  • Bandsaw: Smoother, safer and more controlled cuts on the bandsaw will be second nature with the adjustability of the Gravity Heel
  • Table Saw: Virtually eliminate tear out and increase control and stability when feeding long or short stock
  • The Gravity Heels are exceptional with long stock; they grab the tail end of your board and automatically retract mid-board
  • (5) Gravity Heels
  • (2) Heel Spacers
  • Mounting Hardware