General Finishes Clear Hard Wax Oil - Pint

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This is General Finishes' easiest finish ever! Hard Wax Oil is a high-quality urethane-solids polymer in a blend of oil & wax that enhances the natural look of wood. The urethane gives Hard Wax Oil improved chemical and mechanical properties over standard oil & wax finishes. The recommended use is for interior raw wood furniture, millwork & woodworking projects.

What results you can expect? It will not crack or peel, can be buffed to a slightly higher sheen, and is very EASY to use. This is a maintenance product. Reapply when wear becomes evident.

Best used with optional GF Hardener to improve durability and shorten dry time. The combination of Hard Wax Oil & Hardener provides superior durability, and chemical and water resistance.

Don't forget your sandpaper!


Base Type: Oil & Wax
Ambering: Yes
Interior or Exterior: Interior
Suggested Use: Furniture, millwork & woodworking projects
Application Method: Wipe on with synthetic non-woven pad, Trowel on with a blade applicator
Brushable: No
Usable over existing finishes: No
Sprayable: No
Dry Time (touch): Immediately
Dry Time - Recoat: 24+
Cure Time: 5-7 days @ 70°F/21°C, 50% humidity, dependent on number of coats and use of optional hardener
Coverage: 60 sq. ft.
Viscosity: Very Thick
VOC: <50 g/L

  1. Sand with 120-grit sandpaper, followed by final 220-grit.
  2. Remove dust.
  3. Wipe surface down with mineral spirits on a clean cloth to remove dust from pores.
  4. Allow mineral spirits to dry before applying the GF Hard Wax Oil.
  1. With optional Hard Wax Oil Hardener, mix GF Hardener 10% by volume with GF Hard Wax Oil. For example, 1/4 tsp. of Hardener per ounce of Hard Wax Oil or 1/2 tsp. of Hardener per 2 fluid ounces of Hard Wax Oil. The finish can only be mixed once; mixed product will harden after 4-6 hours. The combination of Hard Wax Oil & Hardener provides the best overall durability, and chemical and water resistance. Do NOT use General Finishes NCO catalyst.
  2. Apply a thin coat with a trowel or non-woven synthetic pad. Spread evenly with a white non-woven pad or plastic spreader, one manageable section at a time. On large surfaces, use a white non-woven pad with a variable speed buffer or sander.
  3. Let rest for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Wipe off excess evenly with the grain & with light pressure using a clean terry cloth. Follow with a clean white non-woven pad until the surface is dry and smooth.
  5. If a second coat is needed, wait 24 hours. Prep the surface with a gray non-woven pad before applying.

Ideal conditions: 70°F/21°C; 50% humidity. Cooler temperatures, and higher humidity may prolong dry time. Use of the Hardener will shorten dry times.


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