Freud 355 mm Panel Sizing Blade for Horizontal Beam Saw (Extended Life)

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Freud's innovative X-series of LSB Panel Blades offer ground-breaking design to provide superior performance, extremely precise cuts, and virtually no run out. These X-series Panel Saw Blades deliver 2X the life of existing LSB saw blades.

Ideal for cutting wood panels, plastic materials, and non-ferrous metals on table saw or miter saw.

  • Extended (X) Series incorporates unmatched accuracy and precise design enabling manufacturers to increase efficiency, reduce down time, and lower tooling cost.
  • Silver I.C.E. (Industrial Cooling Element) Coating leaves a slick surface on the blade body to reduce heat and drag, enabling the blade to last longer
  • Exclusive TiCo Hi-Density Carbide designed and manufactured by Freud specifically for each cutting application to maximize cutting life and material finish in a variety of materials
  • Anti-Vibration design reduces vibration above and beyond any other blade resulting in superior performance

Arbor: 65 mm
Diameter: 355 mm
Grind: TCG
Hook angle: 10°
Kerf: 4.4 mm
Pinholes: 2/9/110
Plate: 3.2 mm
Teeth: 72

SKU: LSB35508X