Festool Systainer Cart SYS-Cart SYS-RB

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The cart with intelligent added extras: All four large wheels can be rotated by 360°. This makes the cart an agile set of wheels – ideal for construction sites and workshops. Two of the four wheels are fitted with locking brakes. Thanks to the coupling, the Systainer³ and Systainer T-LOC units can be secured in place with the central control element. Other objects and materials can also be easily transported on the flat surface and secured using the strap feedthroughs. The four robust handles make it easier to maneuver and position the cart.

  • For easy transportation of Systainer³ and T-LOC
  • 4 robust handles
  • 4 steering rollers, (2 of which can be locked)
  • feedthroughs for straps

100% mobile: Quick and energy-saving transportation of all tools and materials in the workshop and on the construction site – everything to hand and organised in the best possible manner.

Convenient and safe: No slipping of Systainers and no rolling away – the central control element connects the cart and the Systainer. Together with the two locking brakes and the strap feedthroughs, this provides stability when stationary and during transport.

Systems get it done: The cart is compatible with and can be connected to all Systainer³ and Systainer T-LOC thanks to the central operating element.

  • 100% portable: Four wheels provide mobility and speed. For example, to transport tools and materials over long distances, parking areas or large construction sites
  • No slipping: The central control element secures the Systainer³ and Systainer T-LOC units in place and prevents them from slipping or tilting over during transport
  • Everything is secure: Four strap feedthroughs and the level surface enable various objects and materials to be easily transported
  • Secure base: Two wheels can be secured using a locking brake. This ensures that the cart is positioned firmly and securely on the construction site and in the workshop
  • High load capacity: The cart can be used to transport Systainers and other loads weighing up to 220 lbs (100 kg) – with minimal exertion
  • Fully agile: All wheels can be rotated 360°. This makes the cart even easier to maneuver. In addition, the cart can be carried over stairs or obstacles using the four handles

Weight 6.4 lbs. (2.9 kg)
Load capacity 220.5 lbs. (100 kg)
Base 20" x 16" (508 x 396 mm)
Wheel dia. 3.94" (100 mm)

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