Festool Random Orbital Sander ETS EC 125 + Abrasive Combo Kit

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Durable and powerful with excellent dust extraction, the ETS EC 125 is a 5" sander with 3 millimeter (1/8") stroke. It is perfect for most sanding tasks, especially on narrow surfaces and edges. The low-profile body and ergonomic design provides control and comfort for excellent results. Paired with GRANAT NET abrasives, featuring a tear-resistant design, this combination provides high-quality, consistent surface results with the least dust. For maximum dust capture, pair with any Festool Dust Extractor.

The ETS EC 125 is a consistent customer favorite because of its size and controllability. It is smooth in operation and smart in design with features like an integrated sanding pad brake for controlled starts and stops, as well as active electronic vibration control for reduced fatigue.

The Granat NET Abrasive is the perfect solution for sanding materials that produce a large amount of dust. The open net structure enables dust extraction across the entire surface — for working cleanly, a high material removal capacity, and a long service life. Stay organized and be more efficient with the addition of the SYS3 SYS-STF Abrasive Systainer. This abrasive Systainer latches to the supplied Systainer for the ETS EC Sander for seamless storage and transport.

This set includes two Systainers - a SYS3 M 187 for the ETS EC 125 Sander, and a SYS-STF D125 TL for the GRANAT NET abrasives.

  • Increased flexibility: Allowing for less fatigue and more control, these compact sanders have a lower design height (120 mm) and a rubberized top grip to fit any size hand
  • Better dust control: High efficiency extraction is achieved through Jetstream dust collection technology. Air is circulated through the pad to remove dust more efficiently for a nearly dust-free work environment
  • Less fatigue: Active electronic vibration control constantly monitors sanding activity to ensure easy operation and a smooth surface, while minimizing arm strain for less fatigue
  • Less downtime: StickFix minimizes the downtime of changing abrasives and increases overall savings. Additionally, the resilient pad hooks and hard-wearing fabric backing lead to longer abrasive and pad life
  • 1/8" sanding stroke: The ETS 125/3 EQ sander is distinguished by its stroke length which is design for superfine sanding
  • Increased pad control: Equipped with carbide inserts for long life and sure stops, the Pad Brake stops the pad quickly, so you can worry less about damaging your freshly finished workpiece when setting your tool down
  • More power: The EC-TEC® Brushless Motor delivers more power to the pad, with a higher degree of efficiency and lower replacement costs, so there's no downtime for brush replacement
  • Power switch: Unlike a standard “dummy switch” the ETS EC 125’s power switch can be turned on and left on no matter how you hold the sander—providing you with an easier and more relaxed hand position while working
  • Pad brake: The pad brake protects the surface from marring by quickly stopping the pad movement when starting or stopping. In addition, the pad brake saves time, improves safety, and extends the life of the sander
  • Dust extraction across the entire surface: GRANAT NET abrasives feature an open net structure that extracts material across the entire surface - a major advantage with soft base layers and those that produce a large quantity of dust
  • High tear resistance: The resistant net structure protects against tearing and has extremely stable edges. For perfect results right down to the smallest detail, without scratches and without rework
  • High economic efficiency: The dust extraction across the entire surface keeps the abrasive and surface permanently dust-free. The sanding performance remains constant, the abrasive becomes clogged up less frequently and can be used for a long time

Dust extraction connection dia.: 1-1/16" (27 mm)
Interchangeable sanding pad dia.: 5" (125 mm)
Sanding stroke: 1/8" (3 mm)
Sander weight: 2.65 lbs. (1.2 kg)
Power consumption: 400 watt
Eccentric motion speed: 6,000-10,000 RPM

  • ETS EC 125 Sander plus Systainer
  • SYS-STF Systainer
  • Protection pad D125
  • (20) GRANAT NET abrasives 80 grit
  • (20) GRANAT NET abrasives 100 grit
  • (20) GRANAT NET abrasives 120 grit
  • (20) GRANAT NET abrasives 180 grit
  • (20) GRANAT NET abrasives 240 grit

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