Festool Plunge-Cut Saw with Scoring Function TSV 60 KEB-F-Plus (Guide Rail Not Included)

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Since 1980, Festool Track Saws have been known for their reliable quality and absolute precision. The TSV 60 K Plunge-Cut Saw with Scoring Blade has achieved the perfect cut. Splinter-free cuts on both sides now from the very first cut. The built-in KickbackStop stops the blade in the blink of an eye and not only protects your workpiece, but also helps to minimize the risk of injury to your hands.

With the TSV 60 K, the dream is now a reality. The built-in scorer can be adjusted with precision and, together with the scoring saw blade, it guarantees consistently splinter-free cuts on both sides. Which means perfect sawing results from the very first cut! You also have the option of turning the scoring function off depending on the application.

Whether it's on the construction site or in the workshop, even large panels can be cut with precision. Thanks to Festool system accessories, it cuts just as well as the stationary machine: You can work precisely even while on the move, and can enjoy splinter-free results to suit your needs.

All Festool power tools include a 3-year wear-and-tear warranty, 2-day standard repair time, and 1-month satisfaction guarantee.


  • Cross cuts with the FSK cross cutting guide rail (floor and façade panels)
  • Cutting recesses in doors and kitchen countertops
  • Perfect, splinter-free cutting to length of interior doors
  • Precise plunge cuts in materials up to 2-3/8" (60 mm) thick
  • Splinter-free cutting of HPL compact panels
  • Splinter-free cutting of plywood, chipboard, specially veneered and plastic-coated panels

Note: To purchase the TSV 60 in a set that includes a 75" guide rail, click here.

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  • Integrated scoring function: Ensures splinter-free cuts on both sides from the very first cut. That way, the cut edges are ready for further work straight away
  • Diamond scoring saw blade: Guarantees a very long service life and perfect cut quality time and time again
  • Scoring function track and depth adjustment: Precision adjustments of the scoring saw blade for a splinter-free cutting edge
  • Switching the scorer on/off: Depending on the application, the scoring function can be activated and deactivated as required
  • Perfect results: Thanks to the guide rails fixed with fastening clamps and the tool-free adjustable guide jaws, the TSV 60 K runs on the guide rail without any play at all
  • Enhanced safety thanks to the unique KickbackStop: The integrated KickbackStop reduces the risk of injury and damage to the workpiece caused by kickback during sawing or plunge-cutting into the workpiece. Once the saw has been triggered, it is ready for use straight away without replacements or additional costs
  • Small-scale cutting with FSK: The TSV 60 K plunge-cut saw can also be combined with the FSK cross cutting guide rail, for a portable system enabling quick and accurate cross cuts to be made
  • Constant high cutting power: The brushless EC-TEC motor makes the TSV 60 K virtually maintenance-free and extremely powerful. The high-speed, brushless EC-TEC motor with 6,800 RPM enables work to progress effortlessly while requiring less force
  • Exact cuts, even at an angle: The scoring unit swivels. For splinter-free mitre cuts of 90° to 45°
  • Easier saw blade changing: The FastFix spindle stop on the main saw blade and an additional spindle stop for the scoring saw blade make it extremely easy to change the saw blade. The compact, sophisticated design means the saw can be set down on its side, which simplifies changing of the saw blade
  • Best orientation for plunge cuts: The transparent sliding viewing window and the additional markings for the starting and end point to the left and right of the machine provide a good view of the saw blade. What's more, there are plunge-cut markings for the plunge-cut area of the scoring saw blade
  • Exact depth setting: The improved accuracy of the cutting depth setting, with a dual indicator and fine adjustment guarantees exact setting. Improved handling and parallax-free reading come as standard
  • Precise working with system: Combined with guide rails, a wide range of saw blades, the adapted extraction system, saw table and angle stop, Festool offers a top-class sawing system. The cut edges can be worked on straight away with the CONTURO Edge Bander
  • More options with control electronics: Fitted control electronics enable temperature monitoring, a quick-acting brake and speed control for optimum adaptation to the material

Saw blade diameter (circular saw/scorer): 6-5/8" / 1-27/32 " (168 mm / 47 mm)
Weight: 13.23 lbs. (6 kg)
Dust extraction connection dia.: 1-1/16"/1-7/16" (27 mm/36 mm)
Cable length: 13.12 ft. (4 m)
Cutting depth: 0" - 2-7/16” (0 - 620 mm)
Power consumption (circular saw/scorer): 1,500 / 190 watt
No-load speed (circular saw/scorer): 3 - 6.8 / 22 RPM
Angular range: 0 - 45 °

  • Systainer SYS3 M 437
  • WOOD FINE CUT HW 168 x 1.8 x 20 WD42 circular saw blade
  • Allen key 4
  • Hex key 5 mm
  • Scoring saw blade DIA 47x2.5x6.35 T1
  • Sight window

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