Festool Hand Held Edge Bander CONTURO KA 65 Basic

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Festool brings their revolutionary design genius to edge banding with a systems-based approach centered on a hot melt edge bander - the KA 65 Conturo. Engineered to provide a single, easily-portable solution for creating the perfect edge on a variety of furniture designs, cabinets, casework and other work pieces, the CONTURO easily edges straight surfaces, curves, radii, convex and concave shapes, as well as internal corners.

With the CONTURO Edge Bander, it's just as easy to apply edge banding on the job site as it is in the shop. Even if you have a large stationary edge banding machine, the CONTURO can complement your edge banding process by giving you a way to work with radii, circular pieces, bevels and small pieces.

The CONTURO offers exceptional ergonomic design, including dual speeds, and a unique hot melt glue adhesive system. There's no risk of burns because the glue system is thermally isolated. Ditch the iron or hot air gun to and gain the benefits of a dedicated edge banding machine without the cost associated with stationary equipment.

The CONTURO is suitable for machining all types of wood, plastic or melamine edging and can accommodate banding with a height of 18-65 mm (23/32" - 2-9/16") and thickness of 0.5-3.0 mm (1/32"-1/8"), and handles curved edges with an inside radius as tight as 2". The system features a self-contained glue cartridge system that eliminates glue-pot related hassles while enabling rapid color changes.

Note: To purchase the Edge Bander in a set with additional accessories, click here.

All Festool power tools include a 3-year wear-and-tear warranty, 2-day standard repair time, and 1-month satisfaction guarantee.

  • Inexpensive compared to alternatives like stationary edge banding machines
  • Capable of edge banding curves, circles, convex and concave radii and inside corners
  • Electronically controlled precision glue distribution system for maximum adhesion
  • Compact, portable, ergonomic design for easy use and flexibility
  • Optional table mounting for working with small work pieces
Weight: 17.40 lbs (7.9 kg)
Melting temperature: 212 - 410 °F (100 - 210°C)
Edge height: 3/4" - 2-9/16" (18 - 65 mm)
Power consumption: 1200 watt
Max. edge thickness: 1/64" - 1/8" (0,5 - 3,0 mm)
Feed speed: 6.56 ft/min (2 m/min)/13.1 ft/min (4 m/min)

Inner radius: 2" (50 mm)
Heating time: 8 min

  • CONTURO Edge Bander
  • Support Handle / Guide Table
  • (4) Natural EVA Adhesives
  • Systainer
  • Video

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