Festool CTC MIDI Dust Extractor + Cordless Kapex Miter Saw + Energy Set Combo Kit

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This limited-edition cordless combo kit features the Festool CTC MIDI Cordless Compact Dust Extractor coupled with the Cordless Kapex Miter Saw, a fully-loaded Energy Set that includes four BP 18 Li 5.0 ASI batteries and a TLC 6 DUO Charger in a SYS3 M 187 Systainer.

Enjoy the freedom and convenience of cordless dust extraction. The CTC MIDI is Festool's largest and most powerful cordless dust extractor yet - featuring a 36V turbine (18V x 2) with up to 109 CFM and 76" of static water lift. It is easily integrated with other Festool cordless tools. The CTC MIDI features automatic start via a Bluetooth-equipped Festool battery pack or the supplied remote control.

With miter angles up to 60° on each side and bevel angles of up to 47° left and 46° right, the KSC 60 Cordless Kapex produces highly-precise cuts and offers an enormous range of applications. With the dual-battery system, the latest-generation brushless EC-TEC motor provides full power and maximum runtime.

A Festool Energy Set is the ideal addition to Festool Basic Tools and offers additional battery packs for the shop and the jobsite. This energy set is packed with a total of four 5.0 Ah battery packs - two of which can be charged at the same time using the included TCL 6 DUO Rapid Charger. There is no need to look for a second outlet or charger, making work easier and saving time!



  • Powerful: Thanks to the 36 V turbine, power is comparable to a corded extractor
  • Independent: Complete cordless freedom with 2 x 18 V (4.0/5.2 Ah) battery packs
  • Virtually dust-free cordless applications: Perfectly designed for use with Festool cordless tools, whether sawing, sanding, or drilling
  • Mobile: Easy to transport at 30 lbs. (14.0 kg) or less (depending on battery selection) and the compact footprint
  • Adjustable: Three levels of extraction power
  • Hassle-free work: Work continuously with four battery packs and a TCL 6 DUO Rapid Charger in most cordless applications
  • Practical: The extractor switches on via the remote control or the Bluetooth® battery pack
  • Manual filter cleaning: For recovery of the suction force and maximum efficiency of the filter bag
  • High-tech: Bluetooth functionality for extractor, remote switch-on for cordless tools

KSC 60

  • Easy transport: An extremely compact, lightweight design thanks to flush-mounted guide rods
  • Maximum power, impressive run-time: The combination of the brushless EC-TEC motor and the dual battery system (2 x 18 V) makes the KSC 60 as impressively powerful as the corded tool – while providing maximum portability
  • Maximum precision: The Festool twin-column guide ensures smooth, reliable guidance of the saw blade and maximum precision – without wobble or deflection
  • Wide range of applications: An equally impressive cutting capacity with miter angles of up to 60° on both sides; the angle can be adjusted using the built-in settings in order to rapidly select the preset miter angle via locking positions
  • Optimum visibility of scribe mark: The LED light projects the saw blade shadow onto the material, indicating the exact cutting line
  • Additional work surface: The additional feet increase the height of the work bench on the KSC 60 to precisely match the height of an SYS 3 M 112 or SYS 1 Systainer; it can then be used as a workbench to support long workpieces safely and securely
  • Accommodates large stock: The extension table, which can be pulled out separately, provides reliable and accurate support for long workpieces as well
  • For left-and-right-handed users: Switch and handle are in a central position so they are just as easy for right-handed and left-handed users to operate
  • Fast blade changes: The arbor lock enables the saw blade to be changed quickly and safely; the Allen key needed for this is stowed neatly in the key storage box and is always close to hand
  • Cleaner: To ensure a working environment with reduced dust even without a mobile dust extractor, the chip collection bag collects dust precisely where it is produced

Dimensions: 21-5/8" x 12-5/8" x 19-1/2" (550 x 320 x 495 mm)
Container/filter bag capacity: 3.96/3.30 gal (15/12.5 l)
Battery voltage: 36 (2 x 18 V) V
Max. volume flow: 109 CFM (3100 l/min)
Weight with Li-ion: 29.1 / 29.5 lbs.
Max. vacuum: 76" static water (19 000 Pa)

KSC 60

Battery voltage: 18/36 V
Idle engine speed: 1,300 - 1,800/3,500 RPM
Saw blade diameter: 8-1/2" (216 mm)
Cutting depth at 90°/90°: 12" x 2-3/8" (305 x 60 mm)
Cutting depth at 45°/90°: 8-15/32" x 2-3/8" (215 x 60 mm)
Cutting depth 45°/45° (left): 8-15/32" x 1-9/16" (215 x 40 mm)
Cutting depth 45°/45° (right): 8-15/32" x 25/32" (215 x 20 mm)
Inclination angle: 47°/46 °
Miter angle: 60°/60 °
Cutting depth 60°/90°: 5-29/32" x 2-3/8" (150 x 60 mm)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 25-5/32" x 18-1/16" x 17-13/32" (639 x 459 x 442 mm)
Dust extraction connection dia.: 1-1/16" / 1-2/5" (27/36 mm)
Battery capacity: 5.2 Ah
Weight 1 x 18 V/2 x 18 V: 37.69/40.78 lbs. (17.8/18.5 kg)

  • CTC MIDI Dust Extractor
  • CT-F I extractor remote control
  • HEPA filter
  • SELFCLEAN filter bag 
  • Smooth suction hose
  • KSC 60 Cordless Kapex Miter Saw
  • Universal Saw Blade
  • Screw Clamp
  • LED spotlight
  • Angle transfer device
  • Elevation feet
  • Chip collection bag
  • Hex key, WAF 6
  • Systainer SYS3 M 437
  • (4) BP 18 Li 5.0 ASI batteries
  • TCL 6 DUO rapid charger
  • SYS3 M 187 Systainer

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