Festool Guide Rail Base For CARVEX Jigsaw ADT-PS 420

$ 32

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This base can be used to adapt your CARVEX jigsaw to a Festool Guide Rail to get extremely straight cuts. When used with the CARVEX, it can be attached to a guide rail to cut in either direction. It is also used in conjunction with the optional Circle Cutter to cut arcs and circles.

For best results, use with 75105, or 145 FSG blades.

To purchase the set containing both the Guide Rail Base and Circle Cutter, click here.

  • Attaches tool-free to jigsaw
  • Adapts the jigsaw to Festool's Guide Rails for straight cuts
  • Combines with optional circle cutter for circles and arc cuts
  • For using the CARVEX on the guide rail
  • In conjunction with circle cutting attachment KS-PS 400
SKU: 497303