Easy Wood Tools Mid Size Micro Detailer

$ 128.49

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The Mid Size Micro Detailer allows you to produce high definition details in your large projects. This tool combines the Micro Detailer with a longer handle for better control on big workpieces. Create micro coves, beads, and other ultra-fine details.

Comes equipped with Standard Carbide Cutter Ci7 (diamond) and a hex key.

Optional cutter sold separately: Ci7 Negative Rake Cutter.

  • Easy to use: Unlike traditional steel, EWT carbide-tipped tools are always held flat on the rest and parallel to the floor - no bevels or vertical angles to worry about
  • Short learning curve: Cut left, right, or straight on, and you're successfully and safely turning within minutes of picking up the tool
  • Special carbide: EWT manufactures carbide cutters using a proprietary recipe to make them the hardest, sharpest, and longest lasting in the business
  • No sharpening: Never sharpen your tools again! When one side of the cutter gets dull, just rotate it to a new surface. When you've used all the sides, simply replace it with a new cutter
  • Safer: The square tool bar design and resultant turning geometry means fewer catches and kick-backs
  • Unique Handle Design: The unique handle design puts turning pressure into the tool rest so you don't tire as quickly, with two natural hand positions for greater comfort
  • Handmade in America: EWT use time-tested techniques and American-sourced woods, metal, and carbide to make high quality tools

Maple Handle: 14"
Tool Bar: 3/8" square x 7" long
Overall Length: 21"
Max Reach: 3"

  • (1) Ci7 Diamond Cutter
  • Hex key

SKU: 7700

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