Easy Wood Tools NR Beading Cutters

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Take any project to the next level with Easy Wood Tools' Replaceable Negative Rake Carbide Beading Cutters. These cutters allow you to transform an Easy Wood Tools Easy Rougher into a Beading Tool with the simple addition of a supplemental Carbide Beading Cutter.

These Beading Cutters are Negative Rake design, so they are less aggressive and designed for use on man-made materials and woods. To attach, simply remove the standard cutter by using your hex key to remove the screw, then place the Beading Cutter with the bottom flat side aligned with the backstop on the cutter pocket. Use the hex key to install the screw back in the center and turn just to when the screw stops - do not overtighten. 

Fits on Easy Start, Mini Size, and Mid Size Easy Roughers. Available in 4 beading diameter sizes: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", and 3/8".

  • Adds perfect semi-circular beads to any project
  • Negative Rake cutter for smooth, less aggressive, use on woods and resins
  • Easy to use for all turning skill levels
  • Replaceable – when dull simply replace cutter
  • No complicated sharpening involved like HSS tools
  • Packaged in carbide cutter hang-tag packaging
  • Makes the Easy Rougher a multi-use tool adding to the Ci2, Ci2-R2 and Ci2-R2-NR cutters already available – creates a great bundle opportunity
  • Toolbar should be flat and held firm on the tool rest.
  • Tool should be held and maintained parallel to the floor.
  • Cutter should be at the center line of your project.
  • Tool rest should be close to project as to operate safely.
  • Ensure that your project is secure on your lathe for normal operation/turning.
  • For optimal performance, bring lathe up to highest speed that is safe for your project.
  • Determine where you would like to add the bead(s).
  • Slowly advance the cutter straight into your project.*
  • Continue slowly advancing the cutter forward until all interior sides of cutter head have formed the bead.
  • Optionally, after bead had formed, you may slowly rotate cutter left to right to further shape and define bead.

*Do not force cutter forward or plunge hard. Maintain the tool flat on the tool rest and parallel to the floor as cutter advances - do not lift/tip tool.


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