DMT Diamond Wave

$ 70.71

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The uniquely designed Diamond Wave is the first diamond sharpener to combine convex and concave abrasive surfaces. Affording longer sharpening strokes over traditional slip stones providing 0.0625radii tapering to 1.000radii, the Diamond Wave can accommodate all curved gouges.

Thanks to its versatile design, the Diamond Wave can also properly maintain a wide range of curved surface tools like in-cannel and out-cannel gouges, carving tools, and wood turning tools. No messy oils are needed either, allowing you to sharpen dry or with water. The durable construction will provide years of consistent performance and reliable service.

Available in 2 grits:

Fine Grit: for a razor sharp edge.

Extra-Fine Grit: to polish and refine a razor edge.

  • Precisely micronized monocrystalline diamond coating to assure smooth and even stock removal
  • Convex and Concave diamond surface in one sharpening tool for all curved cutting tools
  • No oil needed, sharpen dry or with water

Fine grit diamond: 25 micron / 600 mesh
Extra-Fine grit diamond: 9 micron / 1200 mesh