Diablo 2-3/4" x 5" SandNetTM Reusable Sanding Sheets (10 Pack)

$ 9.97

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For use with the Diablo Reusable Hand Sanding Block. Diablo’s SandNet detail sanding sheets with reusable sanding technology are the most advanced sanding sheets on the market with up to 10x longer life versus standard sandpaper.

Each SandNet sheet features a clog-reducing nylon net design coated in a premium ceramic blend grit for fast material removal while reducing material build-up. The SandNet design is easy to clean and reuse multiple times by simply shaking, vacuuming, or rinsing the sheet to remove any pitch build-up.

Ideal For: Removal & stripping of paint without damaging the underlying surface.

Suggested Projects: Paint Refinishing, Deck Surface Prep and Reconditioning, Floor Refinishing, Wood Furniture Building and Refinishing, and Project Construction.

  • Coarse ceramic blend grit for leveling and heavy stock or paint removal
  • Clog-reducing net design for less dust build-up and up to 10X longer sanding life
  • Premium ceramic grain blend for fast material removal and extra-long sanding life
  • Reusable technology, simply shake, vacuum, or rinse and reuse
  • 10 SandNet™ sheets = 100 standard sandpaper sheets

SKU: DND234080S10N