Festool Floor Cleaning Set RS-BD D 36-Plus

$ 345

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Get the most out of your CT Dust Extractor investment by supplementing it with a Festool cleaning set. Packed in a Systainer, the Workshop Cleaning Set is an ideal solution for cleaning up commercial shops, both large and small. Keep this set docked on your CT for quick and easy cleanup, helping you maintain a clean, safe and efficient workspace. The Workshop Cleaning Set features durable stainless steel components, assuring you of a long service life for your most demanding work.

The wide nozzle with two casters and two brush strip inserts makes this cleaning set optimal for cleaning large floor areas.

  • Curved hand tube D 36 HR-K AS
  • Industrial Floor Nozzle
  • Stainless Steel Extension Tube
  • Crevice nozzle, D 36 FD-300
  • Smooth suction hose D 36, antistatic
  • Systainer SYS3 M 437

SKU: 577259