Cantek LBS300-5S 3-Sided Lineal Brush Sander

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The Cantek LBS300-5S 3-sided lineal brush sander is designed to help with your everyday linear profile sanding needs. It can be used for white wood sanding and sealer sanding of linear parts such as mouldings, flooring, furniture components, window parts etc. The machine works well as a standalone unit, or as part of the finishing line.

The top brushing heads can be manually raised and lowered according to the material thickness. Both units can also tilt together for beveled material. The counter rotating heads ensure optimal sanding result.

Equipped with 2 side heads and one universal sanding head. The side heads can be adjusted in-out to the desired working width while the universal head can be adjusted from a vertical position to a horizontal position and set on an angle if desired providing for maximum flexibility.

The control panel is equipped with on and off buttons for each sanding head, emergency stop button, main disconnect switch, and potentiometers for adjusting the sanding rotation speed by VFD.

Equipped with full width driven rubber feed rollers with opposing top idle rollers. The feed speed can be variably adjusted by a variable speed pulley from 20 to 56 FPM.

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Note: Cannot ship to Pennsylvania or California.

  • Designed for sanding linear profiled wood on three sides
  • Brushing heads consist of abrasive cloth strips and cleaning brushes and are design to access profiled components
  • The sanding & brush strips can be easily removed for fast grit changes
  • Ideal for sanding and defibbing linear products including:
    • Moldings, skirting, architrave, flooring
    • MDF, hardwoods and softwoods
    • Paint, sealer, and lacquer sanding
  • Main Frame is fabricated of heavy steel plate and ribbed to minimize vibration and deflection.
  • Centralized Control Panel for operator convenience. Clearly Identified & colour coded push buttons simplifying setup & operation
  • Variable speed adjustment by inverter (VFD’s) to all brush sanding heads (200-1200 RPM) for optimum sanding results
  • (2) Sets of top brushing sanding heads with working height adjusted by handwheel and can be set on an angle for bevel siding & angled mouldings
  • (1) left side brush sanding head is adjustable up/down, in/out and can be set on an angle
  • (1) right side brush sanding head which can be adjusted up/down and in and out and can be set on an angle
  • (1) Additional left side sanding head is adjustable up/down, in/out, and can be set on an angle
  • Top Press Rolls Working Height adjusted by hand wheel
  • Brushing head consists of cleaning brush units and abrasive cloth units
  • The dovetail pocket design allows for easy abrasive/brush replacement

Max. working width: 11″ (280 mm)
Max. working height: 4″ (100 mm)
Min. work-pieces length: 33″ (840 mm)
Min. work-pieces thickness: 3/8″ (9.5m m)
Feed speed (Variable): 6.5 ~ 27 FPM (2~8.2 M/min)
Speed of sanding wheel: 200 ~ 1200 RPM
Top brush head motor: 2 x 3/4 HP (2 x .55KW)
Left brush head motor: 1 x 1/2 HP (1 x 0.37KW)
Right brush head motor: 1×1/2 HP (1 x 0.37KW)
Left brush head motor: 1×1/2 HP (1 x 0.37KW)
Conveyor motor: 1/4 HP (0.18KW)
Moving brush head motor: 1/3 HP (0.25KW)
Machine dimension (LxWxH): 73” x 49” x 61” (1840 x 1230 x 1550mm)
Packing dimension (LxWxH): 81” x 40” x 64” (2050 x 1010 x 1630mm)
Net weight: 748 lbs.(340 KGS)
Gross weight: 1,034 lbs. (470 KGS)



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