Cantek JDT-65 Manual Dovetail Machine

$ 6,720

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Add prestige to your cabinets with aesthetically pleasing dovetail drawer boxes with the Cantek JDT65 manual dovetailer. Dovetails display your quality and are built to last! Produce beautifully aesthetic dovetails for drawer box production from a wide range of wood types, including plywood and solid wood.

The JDT65 machine produces both the pin and tail of the dovetail simultaneously. All four sides of the drawer can be loaded into the machine for optimum production capacity. The operator controls the dovetail unit by following a simple template allowing for ease of operation and quality joints. Equipped with a choice of four pitch templates for varying types of dovetail joints.

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  • Ideal for drawer production and furniture parts which require high quality dovetail joints
  • Workpieces are clamped by air clamps
  • Enclosed-type stand
  • Equipped with an indication bar for indicating cutting position
  • Tenon width can be micro-metrically adjusted in 2 mm
  • Tenon and mortise depth are conveniently adjusted according to the thickness of workpiece
  • Equipped with one four-sided template providing four types of pitches between dovetails
  • Standard pitch 1", 1 ½", 2" and 2 ½” (Other sizes available on request)
  • The spindle accommodates 12 mm T.C.T. cutter bit
  • Solid Carbide Single Flute Dovetail Bit (CANJDT75-JTCTG1T001) included 
  • 18,500 RPM precision spindle ensures a clean cut
  • Eccentric single flute cutter can be adjusted in the chuck to loosen or tighten the joint
  • (4) pneumatic clamps with individual lever activation ensure the workpiece is held firmly during machining operations
  • Easy to follow graphic instructions and convenient adjustments for creating the desired dovetail joint
  • Anti-tear out blocks included as standard equipment to prevent blowout on drawer components
  • Fences are offset so that both the vertical piece (dovetail cut) and the horizontal (mortise) can be cut simultaneously
  • The single flute eccentric cutter can be adjusted to ensure the optimum joint fit

Min. workpiece size: 7.9″ x 2.4″
Max. workpiece size: 59″ x 16.5″
Min/Max dovetail height: 0.2″ ~ 7.1″
Min/Max front thickness: 0.28″ ~ 2.36″
Min/Max side thickness: 0.28″ ~ 3.6″
Number of spindles: 1
Spindle speed (RPM): 18500 RPM
Dovetail spacing: 1″, 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″
Table height from floor: 46.5″
Dust collection ports front: 2.5″ / rear: 4″
Air pressure required: 6 bar
Motor power: 1hp


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