BOW Products XT XTENDER Fences

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Upgrade your woodworking game with the Bow Products XT XTENDER Fence Platform, designed to bring unparalleled control and safety to a wide range of power saws. From compact benchtop saws to portable job site equipment, professional cabinet saws, and bandsaws, the XT XTENDER Fence Platform is your trusted companion for precision and versatility.

The XT XTENDER Fence Platform is engineered to fit all compact, portable, and cabinet table saws, including UniSaw and Harvey saws. Its generous 5" height and 1" width offer a robust foundation for your woodworking projects. This innovative platform attaches effortlessly to your existing fence using two Bow T-Track clamps.

What sets the XT XTENDER Fence Platform apart is its remarkable versatility and ease of use. With this platform, you can set up, remove, or change fence positions in seconds, delivering convenient set up for a wide range of work. Whether you want to center it on your table or extend it for infeed or outfeed support, the XT XTENDER Fence Platform offers precise adjustments at your fingertips.

Equipped with multiple T-slots, the XT XTENDER Fence Platform accepts a wide range of accessories such as featherboards, infeed and outfeed stock supports, or stops. It forms the foundation for a suite of Bow Products accessories that elevate your feed control, safety, and cut quality.

For portable table saw owners, the XT XTENDER Fence Platform transforms your equipment, endowing it with the capabilities and feed control of a full-size cabinet saw. Crafted from a durable aluminum extrusion, it ensures stability and longevity. The platform’s flat face surface ensures a smooth glide for your workpiece, while its 1" width maintains precise 1” scale increments.

Easily attach your XT XTENDER Fence to your tool with BOW Products XT T-Track Clamps. Want to extend the size of your work surface? Use the XT Feed Supports! Feed Supports expand your table surface in tandem with XT XTENDER Fence for expanded infeed and outfeed support.

Note: T-Track clamps are required to attach the XTENDER Fence to your current fence. MicroJig Dovetail Clamps are also compatible with BOW XTENDER Fences.

  • Effortless attachment with two Bow track saw clamps
  • Adjustable fence positioning: forward, center, or back
  • 3 T-Slots. One on the Face, Top and Back accept 1/4” and 5/16” T Bolts
  • Compatible with UniSaw and Harvey saws
  • Standoffs help the XTENDER Fence Guide smoothly across table saw surface
  • 5-inch height, 4-inch flat face for increased control and safety in vertical work
  • Feed Support platform: Feed Supports attach to bottom slot in Fence for a full range of positions
  • Complete platform for Safety accessories like Bow Featherboards and GuidePRO
  • Convenient hanging hole for easy storage

Fence extrusions: 1" wide x 5" tall
Construction: Heavy-duty aluminum


SKU: XT524

Customer Reviews

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Matthew Rhoades
Site Table Saw Goes Into the Shop

I bought the whole package of Bow products that fit my yellow DeWalt table saw. I can easily handle longer and wider goods through the saw. the Bow accessories have completely negated the shortcomings of my small table saw. I used to use it primarily onsite. I use it quite effectively in the shop now. The precision is spot-on the the joinery is terrific. I highly recommend Bow products!

Worth the money and the wait!

Great addition to my saw and OakTree had my order delivered quickly. The XT 46 inch fence extender was packaged great so no defects happened during shipping. Definitely keep OakTree in mind if I need anything else in the future.

Todd H.
Better than expected

Added the 46” now x-tender to my job site SawStop and that really helped elevate it. The addition length especially when cutting thin material like 1/4” plywood made it track so much better.

Jeremy Larson
Outstanding Products

I am very satisfied with all of the Bow products from Oak Tree. They deliver in secure packaging and perform flawlessly. Definitely adds safety to my shop.