Bessey Variable Angle Strap Clamp

$ 25.45

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Clamping large or odd shapes with straps is not new; however, most strap clamps exert force (pull) in only one direction which can easily distort/skew the work piece. Bessey's VAS-23 is different - it pulls equally on both ends of the strap, eliminating the chance of skewing your work piece. The high tensile woven polyester strap is extremely strong with a built-in take up reel that neatly stores the excess strap; eliminating a potential tripping hazard.

  • Strap is drawn in on both sides: The strap draws simultaneously from both sides ensuring pressure is applied equally on all corners without distortion
  • Integrated coiling mechanism: Integrated rewind mechanism is operated with a crank handle which eliminates tangling and damage to the strap
  • Practical Vario corners:  Vario clip corners with twin-tilting pressure pads auto-adjust from 60° to 180° for easy assembly of most multi-angle projects
  • Extremely resistant: The special woven polyester band provides high resistance to tearing, and a clamping range of 23 ft. The steel wire loop opens quickly and simply to adjust or release glue-up
  • Bessey comfort handle: The 2K composite handle with comfort insert comes standard

Clamping capacity: Up to 23 ft.
Range of angle: 60° - 180°
Weight: 1.3 lbs.

      SKU: VAS-23+2K-CB