Bessey Clutch-Style F-Clamps

$ 19.95

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Clamping Capacity:

Bessey Clutch style bar clamps are a popular regular duty clamp used by hobbyists in their home shops to professional cabinet makers. These clamps are easy to use and adjust due to the 2 piece slip clutch design. This allows you to set the clamp at a certain width and it will stay in place, not matter what position the clamp is in. These easy-to-use clamps are suitable for "close quarters" clamping with the 2K comfort handle.

  • Ergonomic 2K handle
  • Powder coated, ductile cast iron jaws
  • Nickel plated, drawn serrated rail
  • Non-marring pads on the top and bottom jaws

Throat depth: 3.5"
Clamping force: 1,100 lbs.


SKU: GSCC3.512+2K

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Logan Williams

Bessey changed style of the F clamps without letting OakTree knowing. I received one currant and one discontinued style (after researching). Talked with Logan (GM) and he would contact Bessey directly. After 10 days that Bessey didn't return Logan's inquiry (Figures...BIG company TOTALLY ignoring the LITTLE consumers). LOGAN sent out the currant F clamp on OakTrees "dime'. Thanks LOGAN again for addressing the problem in a timely matter.

Nathan S
Great clamp

It holds blocks of wood securely to my bench with no slipping at all while I cut the corners off with a sawzall for turning on my lathe. I’ll definitely be buying more.

Mike Coulter
Bessey clamps

Love the clamps. The longer throat is great for dovetailed corners. Much better than pipe clamps.

Hunter M.
Bessey clamps

Found these on sale at one of my favorite wood working places. All of the workers, i.e., Logan, Chris, and Fred are knowledgeable and ready to help you with your woodworking plans. Great selection of exotic woods as well as specialty router bits, Festool products. This place is like a Nordstrom's for guys.