Bessey Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps - Horizontal

$ 23.95

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Bessey auto-adjust toggle clamps have a wide range of height and force in one clamp. These clamps will automatically adjust to the thickness of your work piece, while applying the same amount of pressure. The pressure the clamp exerts can be easily changed from 25 to 550 pounds by adjusting the thumb screw.

  • Auto-Adjusts to variations in work piece height from 20-60 mm (approx 2 3/8 IN)
  • Holding capacity up to 700 lbs (nominal)
  • Integrated pressure screw allows clamping force adjustment from 25-550 lbs
  • Large ergonomic handle
  • High quality construction
  • Base construction is optimized for 1/4 IN (M6) fasteners
  • Spindle has an M8 thread