Festool Backing Pads for ROTEX RO 90 Sander

$ 40

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These Festool replacement backing pads will keep your sander performing at its best.  High-temp resistant for heavy-duty applications. Choose from Soft or Hard. 1 piece.

For use with the ROTEX RO 90 Sander.

ROTEX Sanders are the most versatile sanders you'll find. With a tool-less pad change, switch quickly and easily between soft, super-soft, and hard pads to match your application. An efficient polishing machine as well, each ROTEX is supported with a full complement of polishing accessories.

  • General purpose sanding pad for flat and curved surfaces
  • High temperature durability for long service life
  • For universal use on flat and on curved surfaces
  • Helps to maintain crisp edges and corners
  • High edge strength minimizes the risk of sanding edges to a curve
  • Well suited for use on narrow materials
  • For plain surfaces and narrow edges

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