Amana Ball Nose Spiral 1/4" Dia., 1/8" Radius

$ 33.30

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Amana Ball Nose Spiral 1/4" Dia., 1/8" Radius. This solid carbide up cut router bit provides a clean cut in a variety of materials such as wood and plastic due to the chips being expelled away from the surface being cut. This bit can be used for 2D and 3D carving as well as sign making.


Constructed of special grade solid carbide, the Amana Tool spiral ball nose router bits last longer than traditional router bits and deliver superior cutting performance with plastics. The bits are ideal for use in a variety of applications spanning the mechanical, medical and woodworking industries.


Diameter: 1/4
Radius: 1/8
Cutting Height: 1/2
Shank: 1/4
Overall Length: 2-1/2
Flutes: 2

SKU: 46426