Amana 60* Insert CNC 'V' Groove 1-1/32" Dia.

$ 69.39

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Amana 60* Insert CNC 'V' Groove 1-1/32" Dia. This tool is great for sign making and getting perfect 60* miter joints. When the carbide insert shows signs of wear, simply flip it over to expose a new cutting edge.

Secure locking screw system ensures maximum safety and maintains cutting accuracy. CNC router requires quality hold downs to ensure the least possibility of material shifting during operation.

  • Long lasting insert knives provide superior smooth quality cuts every time
  • Quick and precise replacements of dull knives
  • Due to insert accuracy tool life is extended
  • Insert tooling allows for harder grades of carbide
  • Special carbide grades for special applications
  • Cost effective solution compared to replacing brazed router bits

Diameter: 1-1/16"
Angle: 60°
Cutting Height: 29/32"
Shank: 1/2"
Overall Length: 2-15/32"
a1°: 30°
Cutting Edges: 1
Max RPM: 24,000
L1: 1-3/8"
Flutes: 1
# of knives: 1

SKU: RC-1108