Amana 135* 'V' Groove

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Amana 135* 'V' Groove bit for Folding Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Panels 0.080" Tip Width x 1/2" Cut Height x 3/4" Cut Diameter x 1/4" Shank. This bit routs a 'V' groove with a flat bottom in order to more easily form/ fold the ACM panels by hand. This bit is ideal for wall panel fabrication.


Designed for shaping Aluminum Composite (sandwich) Materials (ACM) with 135° angle V-grooves with flat bottoms. Routing V-shaped grooves, whereby the aluminum cover and a part of the polyethylene core is removed, allows folding/creasing the remaining material by hand. Ideal for wall panel fabrication.

ACM is widely used for cladding many diverse exterior and interior applications such as office buildings, hospitals, convention centers, airports, and hotels. The long lasting durability of the material makes it an excellent choice for buildings, signage, displays, etc.


Diameter: 3/4
Angle: 135°
Cutting Height: 1/2
Shank: 1/4
Overall Length: 2-1/4
B1: 9/64
Type: Carbide Tipped V-Groove
Max RPM: 28,000
Flutes: 2
D1: 0.078"
a1°:  22.5°

SKU: 45798