5" - 4" Reducer for Molded Super Dust Deputy

$ 23.95

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This galvanized steel reducer is specifically designed to fit snugly over the 5" diameter inlet of the discontinued Super Dust Deputy® cyclone (item #AXD002030A), converting it to accept 4" dia. hose and ductwork.

Note: Oneida Air Systems offers this reducer to provide for easier installations, as the inlet of the Molded Cyclone measures 5" on the outer diameter. It was designed as such to accept 5" diameter flex hose, but customers looking to connect ductwork to the cyclone (e.g. pipe, wyes, reducers, etc.) may have difficulty as the cyclone's inlet is too large for standard duct to fit over, and small on the inner diameter to accept most crimped ductwork fittings.

SKU: DRL001205