Freud 13 Piece Industrial Router Bit Set

$ 284.12

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Freud's 13 piece 1/2" shank super bit set includes a selection of router bits every woodworker would need including a "V" groove, flush trim, and chamfering bit to name a few. These bits work great on all materials from plywood to hardwood.

All bits have 1/2" shanks.

  • Set comes in Freud€™s unique shadow box case that can hang on the wall or mount on the bench to keep bits handy and safe.
  • Cuts all composition materials, plywoods, hardwoods, and softwoods.
  • Use on hand-held and table-mounted portable routers.
  • Also contains a 2-cutter version of: #34-124 and #38-106
SKU: 91-100