BOW Products 1-2-3 / E-V-A Blocks

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Handy 123 Blocks made of an exclusive EVA blend of materials are a great addition to the workshop. Unique EVA material is extremely strong and durable. Finished in the Bow Green Color, you will never have any problem finding them. Unlike harder materials like wood, EVA is easy to cut through and hardly noticeable to the blade or drill bit.

EVA will NOT gum up or stick to hot cutters. EVA Blocks maintain form and rigidity over time and through several cuts and punctures. EVA is a closed-cell technology, so it will not bleed onto material or cutters. EVA will not mar material or damage finished surfaces. Great for many applications, and three different blocks sizes accommodate different depths or height needs.

Contains three 6” square blocks 1”, 2”, and 3” thick.

  • Incredibly strong, yet easy on tools and work surfaces
  • Cuts through easy; less wear on cutters
  • Protects delicate materials with non-marring EVA material
  • Ideal for cut-through support and drilling
  • Use as a standoff or a riser for routing or sanding
  • Protects finished bench and tabletop surfaces
  • Use individually or together for depths or height needs
  • General-purpose EVA blocks are handy for a multitude of support or cut through applications
  • Incredibly strong and durable closed EVA material will not harm tools or bleed color
  • Rigidity endures even after cuts and recovers if clamped or compress

Weight .45 lbs.
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6"
Color: Green

SKU: B123

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