SCM L'invincibile SI X Sliding Table Saw

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The L’invincibile SI X represents the top-of-the-line in SCM Group's American sliding table saw lineup. It boasts a color touch-screen programmer that utilizes breakthrough technology to assist the operator in cutting complex components (compound miters etc.). It also features powered movement (manual, manual incremental/jog, semi-automatic and fully automatic) functions for the main and scoring blades, blade RPM’s and also programmable rip fence for maximum accuracy. Shops looking for the ultimate in accuracy, versatility, and productivity will own this machine.

The L’invincibile SI X incorporates a feature that no one else in the industry can touch. The operator can have up to a 550 mm blade AND a 160 mm scoring blade running on the machine at the same time. This allows you bigger projects and deeper cuts without having to remove your scoring blade!

The “Easy Touch” 5-axis programmer controls blade raise & lower, blade tilt, main blade RPM, rip fence position, scoring height, and scoring left to right. It has an easy to use touch screen for quick data entry.

It has the following features:

  • Easy Touch LCD color touchscreen format of all program functions.
  • Integrated and fast management of all integrated functions, improving overall productivity.
  • 5-axis (+) electronic control for saw blade lifting and tilting, powered rip fence, and motor-powered movement of the horizontal and vertical positioning of the scoring blade, selectable by means of numerical keyboard and displayed on electronic digital readouts.
  • Program function to assist with work stop positioning on the crosscut and miter fence, for cuts with tilted blade and/or angular cutting on the worktable.
  • Memory capacity up to 999 working programs.
  • Programming of sequential measures of the execution of six cuts maximum with a single program.
  • Automatic activation of the scoring blade.
  • Operator assistance with graphic help, to include development and selection of the dimensional measures, working angles for both the worktable fence and blade, referred to single elements of compound pieces.
  • Wireless–Adjusts LCD Stop readout in real time according to blade tilt and/or cutting angle.
  • Tool database.

This machine comes standard with three LCD readouts on the crosscut fence. These readouts are extremely accurate. The actual stop has a special design using a rigid bearing so that it stays true for the life of the saw. It will not wear, and will not develop any side to side “play” over time. The wireless feature allows each stop to adjust its positioning when the full mobile support is angled and/or the main blade is tilted in real time. It will also automatically change the readout of the stop position even when you mitre or tilt the angle of the blade.

The SI X series sliders utilize state of the art technology, allowing the user to not have to switch out blade guards for the overhead guard system. Instead, the smart-guard technology automatically adjusts and takes into consideration the blade angle (be it positive or negative tilt) so that the hood can adjust to the blade. There is no need for the operator to do anything else with the hood! This increases overall safety while also increasing speed and productivity of the operations.

  • Anodized aluminum alloy carriage sliding on radiused hardened steel guides with a 10 year warranty
  • Double blade tilting allows the operator to have a 550 mm blade and a 160 mm scoring blade running at the same time
  • Overhead “Easy Touch” full-color electronic touchscreen control panel interface
  • Blade RPM Speed change through inverter
  • Programmer for powered rip fence, blade group (raise, lower, tilt, left/right for scoring blade and blade RPM) adjustment, with memory capacity up to 999 programs with 6 cuts per program (Hundreds of sequences)
  • “Easy Touch” automatic calculations of miter stop positions for angled cuts
  • 2 Axis powered blade group (closed casting, dual blade guide rails) arbor tilt from -46° to +46°
  • 3 Axis powered scoring blade movement (up/down, left/right and tilt) with auto exclusion
  • 1 Axis powered rip fence movement
  • Gantry-Mounted Auto-Adjust Overhead Blade Guard with integrated exhaust intake hood
  • Full rotating crosscut support with telescopic roller and an LCD display for miter angle
  • Crosscut (Rip Fence) support achieved by linear guides (THK) eliminating friction with heavy loads and the use of an encoder unit for unparalleled precision
  • Separate Mitre Fence for Angle Cuts
  • Operators assistance function on the overhead mobile control panel (x3) Wireless LCD readouts for crosscut stops
  • “EZ Dial” Adjustment for the split scoring blade comes standard with each machine
  • Motor control buttons integrated into the sliding carriage
  • Table extension on exit side

Main motor horsepower: 15hp
Scoring motor horsepower: 1hp
Diameters to be used simultaneously: 550 mm x 160 mm
Blade Tilting: -46°/+46°
Fixed table size: 49” x 27”
Sliding table width: 14.25”
Height of worktable: 35.5”
Cutting width on parallel/rip fence: 59” (1,500 mm)
Max. length of crosscut with scoring: 125.9” (3,200 mm)
Main blade diameter/arbor: 550 mm/30 mm
Scoring blade diameter/ arbor: (Up to) 160 mm/20 mm (120 mm Standard)
Arbor speeds –main/scoring: 2,350 –5,200 with inverter / 6,000 RPM
Dust outlets –main/overarm guard: 5”/4” (120 mm/100 mm)
Depth of cut –90°: 8” (205mm)
Depth of cut at -45°: 4.13” (105mm)
Depth of cut at +45°: 5.11” (130mm)
Overall dimensions: 286” x 166” x 36”
Net Weight: 2,590 lbs.
Voltage: 230V 3 PH
Dust Extraction: 1,100 cfm



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