SCM Minimax FS 41ES - Xylent Jointer/Planer (Single-Phase)

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The Minimax FS 41ES X is a professional grade, heavy duty, long bed jointer/planer combination machine designed to meet the needs of the most demanding environments. It features cast iron tables, a tilting fence, and breakthrough “XYLENT” technology. This technology gives an exacting finish while reducing ambient noise decibel output significantly.

This 16” cutterhead version comes with a spiral knife cutterblock with 3 series of knives. These knives are 4 self-locking and self-centering screw knives. The Xylent cutterhead is the quietest and most durable knife option, making it suitable for heavier cuts. It also improves dust extraction since it produces very small chips. With each cutterhead you will also receive 1 dynamometric key for the correct and safe use of the locking mechanism (think of a mini torque wrench), as well as two inserts for the dynamometric key.

The standard guard offered on the Minimax Jointer/Planer Combination Machine is a spring type guard which always covers the unused portion of the knife. Other European style guards require the guard to be manually moved into place when the fence is readjusted. When processing thick wood, this does not cover the blade as completely.

For a maximum long lasting stability, the cast iron thicknessing table lifts on 4 spindles with trapezoidal threads dust protected. The Minimax FS 41ES uses a dedicated planing fence extremely rigid and smooth, thanks to a support with central round bar.

The ES series adopts ergonomic solutions like the 2,200 mm jointer tables, in ribbed cast iron, that allows for the simultaneous opening towards the inside of the machine with a 90° angle. For maximum long lasting stability the cast iron thicknessing tables lift on 4 spindles with dust protected trapezoidal threads.

Also available with a 3-phase motor.

  • 4.8Hp single-phase motor (1x 230v)
  • Table dimensions 450 mm x 220 mm
  • Jointer fence mounts on the outfeed table via a round bar
  • Tables open simultaneously during changeover with a single handle and lock lever
  • Jointer fence does not need to be removed during changeover
  • Strokes (X-160 mm), (Y-120 mm) and (Z-105 mm)
  • Dedicated Surface Planer fence (1,200 mm x150 mm)
  • Parallelogram jointer tables
  • (4) dust-protected planer table columns with trapezoidal thread
  • Helicoidal thicknesser infeed roller
  • Sandblasted steel thicknesser outfeed roller
  • Digital-mechanical readout on planer height (1/10mm)
  • LED readouts & powered movements
  • “XYLENT” Technology cutterhead
  • Comes with an American-style jointer guard

Exhaust outlet diameter: 4.72" (120 mm)
Single-Phase motor: 4.8hp
Recommended Circuit: 30 amp
Dust collection: 1,000 CFM
Net weight: 1,285 lbs.

Working width: 16” (410 mm)
Overall table length: 87” (2,200 mm)
Cutterhead speed / diameter: 5,000 RPM/ 4”
Max. depth of cut: 0.1875”
Fence tilt: 0° - 45°

Table Size: 16.125” x 30.5”
Max. working thickness: 9.4375”
Min. working thickness: 0.125”
Max. stock removal: 1/8”
Feed speeds: 23 & 46 fpm



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