Oneway #3 Profiled Jaws for the Stronghold Chuck

$ 63.19

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The #3 Profiled Jaws for the Stronghold Chuck are perfect for turning large products such as bowls and vases (over 12" in diameter and 5" deep). #3 jaws are an asset because their larger size will better support your material, whether holding inside or out. The profiled jaws provide maximum gripping power with minimal damage to the piece.

Why Oneway Jaws are Superior

Most jaws on the market are designed to only fit one diameter by a limited depth (design diameter). For example, a set of jaws turned to 2" diameter with a 7° taper * 1/4 deep will only work well in a cavity that is exactly 2" diameter * 7° and just less than 1/4" deep. They will hold progressively less, and increasingly damage your mounting as this base size changes from the theoretical perfect size.

Oneway jaws are designed to achieve excellent 8-point contact at all diameters in the jaw size range. Their patented profile top jaw shape increases gripping power at all diameters of round and square stock. Less wood damage also occurs with this jaw shape than with the conventional round-shaped jaws.

  • Carbon steel base jaws provide precision grinding on the sides for the exact and controlled clearances, which are required for woodturning chucks
  • Base jaws are case hardened which makes them longer lasting, stronger, and non-seizing in use
Weight: 1.7 lbs
External Compression Min: 3-7/8”
External Compression Max: 5-1/4”
Internal Expansion Min: 4-1/2”
Internal Expansion Max: 6"

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