Lamello Cabineo 8 Connectors

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The Cabineo is an innovative one-piece connector used in cabinetry. It can be used with all CNC routers including the Shaper Origin. Since no preassembly of screws or dowels in side panels is necessary, the Cabineo will save you time in the production, transportation, and assembly of cabinets.

There is no edge drilling with the Cabineo. Instead, it is easily tapped into a drilled or routed shape of the first workpiece. This can take place in production prior to transport or following transport at the final destination. The pre-assembled screw in the connector is then drilled into the 5 mm hole of the second workpiece, connecting the two together.

The Cabineo 8 is made specifically for wooden cabinets. It features an 8 mm screw and 110lb. clamping force. Because the Cabineo can be installed during production, there are no protruding parts of the workpiece, allowing for true flat-pack delivery. The person assembling also does not need to handle a bag of loose fittings and hardware during installation. This speeds up the assembly considerably and also helps in reducing possible mistakes.

Aesthetic Cover Caps are available separately in 12 solid and metallic colors to make Cabineo blend into your project or to match aluminum or stainless steel fittings. Parts may also be inverted to allow for a completely invisible application.

For a stronger, wear-free connection, choose the Cabineo 8 M6 Connectors

Benefits of Cabineo Connectors

Time-Saving: Save time in production with no edge drilling or dowel holes, during transportation with efficient pre-installation of the connector and flat-pack delivery, and during assembly with easy positioning and one-step connection.

True Flat-Pack Delivery: Installing the fitting into the workpieces and stacking them during the production process is possible without any protruding parts, which could damage the finished surfaces. This saves space and allows for true flat-pack delivery of workpieces.

Convenient: Because the Cabineo connectors are already factory-installed, the person assembling doesn't need to handle a bag of loose fittings and hardware during installation. This speeds up the assembly considerably and also helps in reducing possible mistakes.

Note: Only Cabineo 8 connectors included. Also available in a Starter Set, which includes 40 white Cabineo 8 Connectors, 40 white Cabineo 12 Connectors, 40 white Cover Caps, and a hex bit.

  • Process optimization due to clean surface machine - no horizontal boring required
  • Reduced height of 10 mm for panel thicknesses of 12 mm or more
  • Only one tool change from 5 mm to 15 mm drill; no tool change for the dowel hole drill necessary
  • One-piece connector without dowel - no need for preassembly of screws or dowels in side sections
  • Flat-pack delivery with preassembled connectors
  • Possible disassembly for transportation or if the fixed shelves need to be adjusted
  • Possibility of retro connector fixed shelves or vertical partitions in a cabinet that has already been installed

Size: 33.8 x 16.5 x 10.8 mm
Screw length: 8 mm

Cutter: 12 mm or smaller
Drill: 5 mm and 15 mm
Material: Fiber-glass reinforced plastic
Tensile strength: 110 lbs.
Shear strength: 120 lbs.
Clamping force: 110 lbs.


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