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Busellato was founded in Italy in 1956 and soon thereafter became a major supplier for industrial woodworking machinery. 

In 1967 Busellato introduced to the world the very first fully automatic drilling machine capable of performing all drilling operations, at any angle. Many of these machines can still be found in production today. 

Busellato was the first to market with more than a drilling machine, in 1970 a fully automatic bore & dowel insertion machine. In 1971 an automatic loading bore & dowel inserting machine and in 1976 the first numerical control machining center for boring and milling operations and in 1981 Busellato presented to the world the very first completely electronically controlled multi-spindle drilling machine with more than 20 controlled axes - in more simple terms, a CNC router!

Busellato current day produces a wide range of CNC routers for any size and configuration your shop needs. We offer more than a one size fits all product, we specialize in getting you the correct machine for your production with either a pod and rail or flat table machine, 3 or 5-axis, solid wood or panel processing. 

With this all being said, you can put your trust in a Busellato CNC router - After all, they did make the very first one! 

Let OakTree Supply and Busellato take your production to the next level, contact the staff at OakTree Supply today to get your custom quote for a Busellato CNC router that is suited to your needs!

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