SCM Formula VF 300 Negative Pressure Dust Extractor

$ 29,995

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VF filters are designed to allow for effective suction and filtration with the ability to link up to five individual units. So the size/footprint is up to you! This relatively slim and compact line of dust collectors make them ideal to be positioned in any work environment. The filters work in negative pressure, ensuring the maximum suction and safety efficiency, together with a significant noise reduction, only allowed by the passage of clean air inside the fan.

This machine comes standard in the United States market with the ATEX version. The ATEX directive describes how equipment is engineered to reduce potential combustion in a workshop atmosphere. Focusing on user safety and health, the VF series meet or exceed industry standards and regulations of industrial dust collectors for prevention of fire ignition and extension.

Your VF 300 filters come with three dust collection bins that are very easy to maintain. Each container has wheels beneath the bin and easily removable dust bags to assist with disposal operations. The internal sub frame of the bin keeps the bag in position with no risk of it being sucked up by the fan.

The VF 300 features pressurized air blowing into the sleeve filters for optimal cleaning. This unique, automatic cleaning process occurs while the machine is operational which maintains maximum air pressure and maximum aspiration. These machines are also equipped with a decantation chamber which keeps large wood chips away from the filter in order to prevent rips and tears on the sleeve filters.

The VF 300 contains an internal water manifold for when water suppression is engaged. SCM's unique turbine-finned fan is also positioned at the end of the filter, reducing combustion and spark risk. The integrated fire protection device (connected by a professional) is a safety feature provided. The firefighting device on the machine provides a manual operation by means of a water valve located on the front of the machine. The main connection must be made on this 1/2” ball valve with a minimum pressure of 3 bar.

    • The fan is positioned at the end of the machine, in a specific protect area, far away from the high risk of explosion zone
    • Dust extractors are also equipped with an integrated powder fire-protection system
    • Dust extractors use sleeve filters for the best filtering and cleaning efficiency
    • Easy to move thanks to the wheels below and equipped with devices to prevent the suction of the nylon bag by the fan
    • Filtering element is composed (standard) of 100% antistatic polyester and ensures a filtration of residual dust up to 0.1 mg/m3
    • Cleaning feature of pressurized air blows via a pneumatic blower

    Maximum air flow @ 65 ft/s: 5,000 CFM
    Pressure @ max air flow: 7.2” of water gauge
    Nominal Air Flow Rate @ 65 ft/s: 3,550 CFM
    Nominal Pressure: 13.3” of water gauge
    Filtering surface: 323 sq. ft.
    Air Inlet Diameter: 11.75”
    Residual Dust Level: < 0.1 mg/m³
    Filter Cleaning: Automatic
    Storage Volume: 3 x 270 liters / 3 x 71 gal
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.3ft x 3.8ft x 8ft
    3-phase Motor: 10.2hp
    Decibel Output: 75 db

    SKU: VF 300

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