Oneida Infrared Dust Sentry Bin Level indicator

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Takes the guesswork out of when to empty your dust collector or pre-separator’s dust bin. This optical sensor uses infrared technology to automatically detect when the dust bin is full and alerts the user with a high visibility strobe light - perfect for busy and noisy work environments.

The Dust Sentry is ideal for use with wood dusts and other general dust collection applications. Installs easily to the lid of any shape/size dust bin and can be adjusted to detect any preset fill level (4" to 6" from the lid is recommended). Strobe indicator light can be mounted up to 8 feet away from the sensor for maximum visibility in the shop.

When you're hard at work in your shop, the last thing you want to discover is an overfilled dust container and corresponding dust-packed filter. Oneida Air Systems' bin level sensors are designed to automatically alert you when your dust container is full and needs to be emptied. Our adjustable sensors work with any nearly any type of waste material, wet or dry!

  • User controlled fill-level can be adjusted for distances 1" to 20" from the lid
  • High intensity strobe light can be mounted on the wall, on the drum, on your system - you decide!
  • Significantly more visible and easier to use than traditional drum viewing windows.
  • Ideal for shops where the dust collector is outside, in a closet, or otherwise out of view while you're working in the shop.
  • Works to detect both liquid and solid materials within the drum.
  • Installs in minutes to any size, shape, or type dust container!
  • Low voltage - Works on standard 110V power

Phase (Pre-Wired): Single-Phase
Power Cord Length: 8 ft.

  • Infrared sensor
  • Strobe light
  • Power adapter
  • Hardware

SKU: AXB999110B

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ed Kassing
Finally a workable solution

Very easy to install and works incredibly well. Would recommend it to others!

Paul Engel
Well worth the investment

You only have to fail to pay attention to your dust collection bin once to see the value of this tool. I was jointing and planing some soft maple. I was in a zone. Both hoses to my Laguna 2-stage dust collectors were to the jointer, one to the planner. All of the sudden I noticed that my Jointer was bogging down. After some investigation, I discovered that my dust collection bin was full. So was the fine dust bag. The Jointer AND the Planer were totally stuffed w/ chips. If you've ever "unpacked" one of these machines, you know what a chore it is. I have the Powermatic 8" helical head jointer and the Dewalt lunch box planer. You wouldn't believe how much dust/chips they can hold, and how tough it is to pry it all lose. I'll never let that happen again.

The installation of the warning light was a breeze, and it's already given me a heads up on a full bin. Love this device!

Dung Dang
Great product!

I purchased the dust sentry for my Oneida v-3000 dust collector to let me know when the dust bin is full. It was an easy online order through and also an easy install to the Oneida DC. Works as advertised and you can set the alert sensitivity of the dust sentry.

Douglas N.
Bin level warning indicator

Well designed and useful