Molded Super Dust Deputy 5" Cyclone

  • $ 169.95

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Alvin Wallace
Super Dust Deputy

Perfect size cyclone for a small shop when coupled with a 1-2 HP blower. Removes almost all the dust in the stream and is way more efficient than a baffle. If you have the space atop a drum for this cyclone and the blower, you're much better of going this route. It took me a month or so to completely upgrade my old shop vac system to a fully automatic cyclone system, but it's done now for a very long time with none of those work stoppage problems like a clogged filter caused by an inefficient separator. Thanks, Oneida!

What new art?

How Oneida got a patent on technology that has been in use for decades is incomprehensible. The price represents the monopoly rent paid due to an unwarranted grant of patent. The retailer prominently displayed a 10% discount on the first order, but has a small print disclaimer exempting this item. So this first order is also my last.

I'm sorry to hear you are unhappy with your order. Unfortunately, we are unable to discount all items in our inventory and must exclude certain items from the discount code you are referring to. We do try to keep our prices as competitive as possible so you always get the best deal. If there is anything we can do in the future to help, please let us know.

Donald P.
Fast & Reliable

Wow ordered a Super Dust Deputy and the product came to me super fast! Great communication with estimated delivery. Couldn't ask for more.

Joel Greenwood
Very Good

It helps with a two stage dust collection for sure.