MicroJig MATCHFIT Dado Stop Pro

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Take the guesswork out of creating precise dado cuts while reducing the risk of table saw injury. The MATCHFIT Dado Stop Pro, an all-in-one system encompassing everything you need to get started using the Dado Stop, includes one Dado Stop, one Setup Gauge, and one soft grip Dovetail Clamp.

The Dado Stop Pro bundles the Dado Stop, Dovetail Clamp, and Setup Gauge in one convenient package, bringing together everything makers need to create dados quickly and with pinpoint accuracy. The Dado Stop Pro’s innovative design makes precise, tight-fitting cross dados for half laps, inlays and other tricky joinery simple and easy. And because the fixed center leg on the Dado Stop is exactly three inches in length, the Dado Stop Pro can be used to calibrate the rip fence scale, allowing builders, woodworkers and other makers to use it with confidence. 

Simple and easy to use, the MATCHFIT Dado Stop sets the shoulders of your cross dado using the actual part that will be fitted in the groove for a perfect fit without measuring or test cuts by accounting for the thickness of the material plus the blade kerf. The Dado Stop works with any saw blade – single blade or stack dado blades.

Whether you’re making dados with the Dado Stop or grooving tracks for the Dovetail Clamps, the MATCHFIT Setup Gauge will make your work smarter, faster, and easier. Gauge the perfect height for clearance slots and dovetail grooves when creating tracks for MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps. When using the MATCHFIT Dado Stop, you can set up perfect-fitting dados and lock in exact saw thickness for fast, repeatable setups.

Engineered to work smarter, with the MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp system, jigs and fixtures can be mounted accurately and efficiently in just seconds and removed just as simply. Utilizing a revolutionary design for versatile clamping without operation interference, users simply route a dovetail groove directly into their piece, slide a Dovetail Clamp in the groove, and are ready to clamp virtually anywhere!

Because MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps slide securely within the dovetail groove, they stay out of the way during operation, allowing users to work safer and smarter.

  • Perfect-fitting dados in minutes
  • Even faster and more accurate setup and dados
  • Make air-tight joinery, dead-on inlay, and better fitting projects
  • All-in-one package has everything you need for cross dados
  1. Template your blade’s kerf.
  2. Set Leg 2 to cut one shoulder, accounting for the kerf.
  3. Set Leg 3 to match your inlay material.
  4. Cut both outside shoulders, registering off Leg 1 and Leg 3.
  5. Clear out remaining material from the center.
  • (1) Dado Stop
  • (1) Setup Gauge
  • (1) Dovetail Clamp

SKU: MF-1004

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