JET OES-80CS Oscillating Edge Sander

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The JET Oscillating Edge Sander brings the power of a belt sander augmented with oscillation that distributes abrasive belt wear over a wider area and reduces heat buildup. The result is increased performance and an extended abrasive life. The JET Oscillating Edge Sander has many features that increase its versatility while maintaining its user-friendly operation. Everything from a large cast iron table, bevel sanding, contour sanding and more means that the JET Oscillating Edge Sander handles more sanding jobs with less effort and more accuracy.

An all steel enclosed base cabinet is included that supports the JET Oscillating Edge Sander and adds valuable storage space for abrasive belts and related tools or supplies. The base cabinet is 21-1/2” x 16-1/2” x 23-3/4”-tall (W x D x H). That gives the 270-LB JET Oscillating Edge Sander a steady footing while putting the table surface at a comfortable 37-1/2” above the floor. The extensive use of high-end materials and manufacturing processes enable us to back the JET Oscillating Edge Sander with a full 5-year warranty.

The JET Oscillating Edge Sander features a JET 1-1/2hp, 115/230V (pre-wired 115V) TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor. JET motors are rated using a continuous duty cycle for a true representation of the power available rather than “max developed” or “peak” motor estimates so commonly seen in woodworking today. That means that the JET motor delivers plenty of power to make this sander efficient and consistent.

The motor power is transmitted to the 6”-wide by 89”-long abrasive belt via a 4-1/4"- diameter, rubber covered aluminum drum. That results in a 3900 SFPM (surface feet per minute) belt speed, optimum for sanding virtually any species of wood with the wide range of grits available for the JET Oscillating Edge Sander. The rubber coated drum ensures smooth, slip-free transfer of the motor power for highly consistent sanding. An equally sized aluminum drum on the other end actually imparts the oscillating motions to the belt while keeping it tracking correctly.

The oscillating action of this sander has a 1/2'' stroke which oscillates 108 times per minute. This benefits the user by utilizing a much larger area of the belt than with straight-line belt sanders. Also the oscillating action prevents loading of the sandpaper in one area, stretching the life of the sanding belt to its fullest potential. Another great feature of the oscillating action results in greater heat reduction. By using more of the belt, heat is not focused in one area and helps prevent burning of the workpiece and sanding belt.

The entire motor/belt drive assembly can be tilted for bevel sanding. A single lever unlocks the belt assembly so it can be adjusted anywhere from vertical to horizontal to the table, a full 90-degree range. Horizontal as well as vertical sanding greatly expands the range of operations that can be performed on this machine, including beveled work.

A 30” x 10” (L x D) cast iron table is precision ground flat and has a full-length miter slot machined into it. The table can be adjusted up and down to best align the wood with the abrasive belt. A full function miter gauge is included to make precise end or miter sanding much easier.

The JET Oscillating Edge Sander has a specialized contour sanding table and mount included. This 12” x 10” (W x D) cast iron table attaches to the motor end of the JET Oscillating Edge Sander. A cutout allows the table to surround the abrasive belt and drum, affording you many of the capabilities of a spindle sander with the efficiency of a large belt Installing the contour table involves opening the hinged belt cover door, inserting the contour table post and locking it in its support mount.

JET warrants every product they sell against manufacturers’ defects. All JET Woodworking Machinery carry a 5-Year Warranty from date of purchase. Woodworking products with a 5-Year Warranty that are used for commercial or industrial purposes default to a 2-Year Warranty. Warranties are subject to JET's terms and conditions.

  • 4" dust port hooks up to your dust collection system for efficient dust removal
  • Adjustable outer drum support table enables contour sanding
  • Belt platen is made from precision-ground steel plate for strength and durability
  • Cast iron table moves up or down to provide exact workpiece positioning
  • Graphite covered platen runs cooler increasing machine and belt life
  • Oscillating feature reduces heat build-up on sanding belt to reduce loading and burning
  • Oscillating feature reduces heat build-up on sanding belt to reduce loading and burning which increases belt life
  • Quick release lever and tracking control dial are conveniently located for replacing and tracking belts
  • Tilting sanding head for sanding bevels, angles and flat surfaces

Dust Port Outside Diameter: 4"
Main Table Tilt: 90°
Motor Amps: 18/9
Motor Phase: 1
Motor Power: 1-1/2hp
Style (Type): Floor

SKU: 708447